Do not get Panic when Web Hosting Service is Down

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Web Hosting | Published on Jul 30, 2010
Whenever there is downtime, the real key of success is to give complete information about your problem to support team and you should be quick in answering their questions as it will help hosting support representatives to work efficiently.

Downtime happens from time to time in web hosting even if we try to avoid it as much as possible. Even those companies who offer 99.99% Uptime can go down for a bit of time. Also, badly configured software, illegal hacking attempts and technical issues can bring website down as well.

It is important to do everything regarding your website to reduce the possibility of downtime: to keep out hacker attempts securing your website with strong passwords, as well as regularly upgrading software to plug security holes are just few ways by which you can keep your website up and running. However, there comes a time where your website is down even if you've done everything possible . In order to alert your new web hosting company about the problem what do you do next? The answer is you should file what's called a support ticket to let them know about the problem.

Also you should refer to as a 'trouble ticket'; usually, a support ticket is a description of the problem. It is advisable that you should include as much information as possible so it helps the tech support representative to try different things to fix the problem. If they have additional question, they'll usually go back into the support ticket and ask them back to you. Generally, web hosting companies have a separate ticketing system that tracks all comments left on it so that a record can be shown the problem was worked on. Once the support ticket has been filed, you should give some time to the support team to fix the problem. If they want you to do something else to test the website, they'll definitely let you know of this as well.

For the best service possible, it's important not to bother the support team for constant updates - if they tell you they're working on it you should believe it, that's exactly what's happening. On a shared hosting account, there could be hundreds of support tickets in front of yours that also need the attention of staff. The real key of success here is to make sure to give complete information; you should be quick about answering questions and testing things as necessary, and have some patient so that hosting support representatives can work on getting your website up and running as quickly as possible. If you have understood these points thoroughly, you will enjoy much better experience next time when you have to handle downtime issues with your website!


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