Keys To Personal Development For Online Success

Submitted by Mitchell Cator | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
This article cover the basic tips to achieving a high level of disipline to achieve great results in internet marketing
Keys To personal development for Online Success When it comes to starting a work at home online business there are some specific key points that are a must for online success. It's important to know internet marketing, but it is more important to know how to be a successful personality. It is my belief that success in internet marketing is just like anything else in life. It takes certain actions to become successful and I will do my best to explain them. The major points I want to discuss are: *Taking consistent and focused action *Personal belief in yourself *Writing down goals *having Vision of the future *Paying the price *Never ever quit Taking consistent and focused action in my eyes is the most important aspect of anything you want out of life. Having a clear focus of what outcome you are looking to pursue, and taking consistent action towards that goal will always produce success. I believe that the only way not to be successful is to not try or quit. Think about it, if I was to consistently speed in my car the chances of me getting booked are high right? If I was to consistently workout in the gym and eat right, would I get some change in body composition? Of course I would! This is why it is essential to take action every day. Create an action plan and stick to it every day. Just make sure that the action you do take is focused. What I mean by this is to set some basic time management skills, create an action plan and stick to it every day. Do a little bit more every week, every month, and every day! Believe in yourself. Believe in what you are doing. Believe that it is going to make you successful and put everything you have into it. There are always going to be people who don't believe in you, and unfortunately these people are often those that are close to you. Adversity will always be a factor in any thing we do but you have to brush it off and just do it. If you really do truly believe in what you are doing you will make yourself successful no matter what. Itís no accident that a vast majority of successful people have an extremely high level of self belief and just go for it no matter what. Always maintain a positive attitude. I use goal setting every day. Every day I write down what I want to achieve with an action plan and then as I complete the tasks I get to put a line through them. It is like a small victory every time I complete a task. I give myself a pat on the back and move on to the next task. It is also important to have future goals written down also. When writing your goals, write in the present tense. For example if one of my goals was to be living on the beach in a mansion I would write that "I am sitting in my mansion, looking through my window overlooking the ocean with the sea breeze in my hair". This puts you in the moment and if you spend a little time each day reading your goals you are more likely to achieve them. This is also your vision for the future. Put yourself in the moment and the universe will do everything possible to bring it too you. If you dream enough it will happen, every time. There is no such thing as a free lunch! The harder we work the more thing are going to come our way. The harder we work the more our conscious believes we should succeed. We cause success, No one was ever successful from not working hard, and no matter how gifted you are. The best mens 100m sprinters didn't just wake up one morning and run 9 seconds. He had to work hard to achieve this. Just like you, the harder you work the more likely you are to achieve what you are striving for. Set your sights on that goal and work as hard as possible to achieve that goal, don't stop until you succeed. This leads into my last point which is never quit. Put simply if you never quit how can you fail? You will always have some sort of success if you never quit. No one knows when that lucky break might be but if we quit then we will never make it. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes or fail at specific tasks, learn and move on, don't lose sight of your goals and never quit, ever. Commit to the job and get it done. Everyone should spend some time on personal development everyday. Personally I like to feed the mind something positive every day, with out fail. It could be a book, a conference, seminar, article, recorded trainings, whatever it might be feed your mind positive material everyday. I also like to take positive business building action every single day. With positive action comes positive results and even if itís something small like write an article, post on forums, edit your Google campaign, tell your friend about your business, just do some type of income producing activity every day. You are bound to succeed by your sub conscious thoughts, and you will if you apply these princbles.Mitch Cator is a Internet Marketer helping people quit their jobs and make money online from their own home. Visit Mitch's website at


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