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IT Chimes is India based global Web Solution and Offshore IT services provider. IT Chimes a web development company, develops, integrates and maintain web applications and custom applications.

Web Development India is the buzz word, but not many people understand the true meaning of Web Development. Most people associate Web Designing with Web Development, which is not only misleading but really cramps up the vision of what real Web Development can do. Web Development is the larger picture where Web Designing is just a small part of it.

Not taking away the credit from a good designed website, it cannot really answer important queries and does not provide the interactive functionalities that a good website which is developed using the right technology can. Just to have a flash or a professional corporate website is not enough in today’s business world. The consumers have become savvier and they need an extra push to really get interested of what you want to present from your website.

A good Web Development India company is aware of this and firstly delves into the actual requirement of the business for which the website is being developed. There are important factors which need to be considered such as the technology platform to be used which could vary from Open source to Windows, depending on the security that the website requires, traffic that the website will create and the type of users that will actually use the web platform.

Then there is the need for interaction. In today’s world most recognized and successful websites are highly interactive and provide a two way communication where in the user can actually talk to the website and find answers to his queries. There are functionalities such as Blogs, Forums, Message Board which if used in the right manner can create a huge difference to make a website successful.

In simple words, a good Web Development India company will help you develop a website that will get you the desired results at present and will have the room to absorb future technological advancements to have your website be updated at all times. Do not loose the opportunity that the Internet World has opened today. Make the most of it and choose the right Web Development Partner who not only creates good websites but understands your business well to develop a complete web solution that can take you an edge higher from your competition.

At the latest IT Meet in April 2008, IT Chimes made a compelling case for Web Development India through an example of one of their client Woodsvilla Resort. Their bookings for the resort increased by 30% within a year of getting their website live which was design and developed by IT Chimes. The ease of navigation, interactivity which the website provides, on-line booking engine has provided the platform where a user can log-on to the website and make their bookings hassle free with much ease.

Vipin Aggarwal Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Woodsvilla Resort said “It was one of my best business decisions to get the website developed from IT Chimes. The team has been very professional in their approach and delivered on time. I have already given two more websites Club 9 Resort and Mangosteen to IT Chimes for which the works has already started.”

IT Chimes differs from other Web Development India company in their approach to truly understand the client’s requirement and provide a solution which delivers and gets the highest ROI for the client. Since its inception IT Chimes has designed, developed, and created web applications that enable enterprises to solve complex and critical business problems.

With an experience of more than 300 projects and clientele ranging from different parts of the world the company has true global experience and is the leader in the Web Development Industry. For more information on Web Development India visit IT Chimes or email info@itchimes.com About the Author: Gaurav Sabharwal, a graduate from Stren School of Business, New York University. Gaurav is the Head of Sales for IT Chimes and is heading the North America and Europe region.


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