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Website represents the business on Internet and Webdesign determines the impression on your consumer's mind.

It is possible that the product being sold through the website may be unique and having a monopoly, but if the website proves to be inefficient at selling it then either there is something wrong with the website design or incapability at attracting the traffic. On the other hand the website design affects the flow of traffic too.

So, how does the design affect the overall business done by the website?

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The website design may be outdated and become very common. It must have lost its charm and needs to be refurbished. The visitor upon visiting your website may not find anything unique despite the product being unique and lose interest in buying it.

The claim by the website owner can be justified by embedding genuine testimonials but if these testimonials are not accessible the prospective buyer may not be convinced about buying the product. If you want the prospective buyer to be impressed by the testimonials then they should be easily accessible with the least number of clicks.

Unlike people going for shopping to the malls, the people surfing the internet have very less time to decide about the product or service. First impression has the biggest impact on the mind of the visitor. The home page needs to be attractive enough to create a good impression. A web page can be made attractive through visuals. Visuals include images, animations and videos. Visuals have a big impact on the buying attitude of the visitor but at the same time discarded by the search engines. The search engines, when ranking any website on the list of search results, hardly take into consideration the visuals. If appropriate embedding technology is not used, the visuals can add weight to website and adversely affect the downloading time. This can be detrimental for the business.

The web site layout should be simple, to the point and easy to navigate. The visitor should be able to find the product, service or information that he/she is searching for within the least possible number of clicks. Usually the final description of the offering should be accessible on the third click. Ease at navigation contributes to search engine optimization.

The attractiveness of a web site depends on visuals. This does not mean that the first page is totally devoted to visuals. This could be a blunder because it is the text matter that is considered by the search engines for ranking on the search list. The content should have appropriate key words and keyword phrases within the permissible keyword density limits. If there are more keywords then the website may be tagged as “stuffed” by the search engines.

It is through search engine optimization that the number of clicks can be maximized. Increase in number of clicks is directly proportional to increase in sales. After featuring on the top of search engine list it is the content of the website that has to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Thus it is the website design, designed by a professional website designer, which can optimize the revenue generated through the website.


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