Originality in Logo Designing

Submitted by Suzanne Macguire | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Originality in logo design can spell great success for any business organization. But the creation of an original company logo design is not an easy venture. Check out why.

Originality in logo designing can really set new trends for others to follow. Perhaps, we don't need any expert opinion for this. Of late, we come across the term, ‘X-factor’, being applied in almost every field. This factor is even applicable to the professional field- to take your business to new heights. This so-called X-factor refers to something unique, unseen, innovative or original. Originality is the mantra of success but its path is not overtly embedded with roses, especially when one takes into account the innumerable logo designs surrounding us.


Logos represent the identity of any organization; it’s the symbol that people look up to and relate it to the products that they stand for. But what happens when two different organizations are represented via identical logos? Such situations create complexities and doubts in the minds of the people, who might end up purchasing the wrong product. Herein arises the issue of logo theft. Logo theft takes place when one organization blatantly copies the logo design of another organization (probably a famous one). Such conscious attempt on part of the concerned person might actually cost huge losses to the concerned organization. Once the copied logo is out in the market, people will instantly compare it to the erstwhile logo design and a negative impression of the new organization would be effected. This would adversely affect the prospect of any new business and might even result in its fall.


There is yet another obstacle to original logo design creation. Logo designers often tend to repeat subconsciously some of their previous designs or might even recreate a design that they had seen somewhere. An inverted swoosh might remind us of the Nike logo, while a straight yellow line reminds us of a famous Credit Card company.  On a larger perspective, lacs and lacs of minds can be thinking of the same design, which they deem original during the time of inception. A designer might be musing over his 'original' design but to his dismay, may find that design to have already been in existence. It is not always easy to judge whether a design is original or a copied version. An established business firm might be thinking to launch its 'original' logo but that logo design might be owned by a small business organization. Trouble is, unless and until the logo is introduced to the world, one cannot gauge its authenticity.


Hence, creation of an original logo design should begin with one single thought: "The design must be in existence." This perspective can work wonders to create an innovative and original logo design as it makes the designer strive harder to touch new horizons of creativity. It should always be remembered that there is no hard and fast rule to originality. Designers should always keep in store some variations of their logo designs. This would allow them to make quick changes in case they come across some distant similarity with any other logo design.


An original logo design creation is thus, by no means, an easy task, especially when so many designs are already in vogue. There is no formula to a successful original logo design creation. Simplicity and an urge to strive towards originality can be cited as the two watchwords for a successful business or logo design.


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