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The mark of an effective web design is the maximum conversion of visitors into buyers and corresponding revenue generation.

The mark of an effective web design is the maximum conversion of visitors into buyers and corresponding revenue generation. It is the features that mark the difference between a successful web design and an unsuccessful one.

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The embedding of images should be based on the study of its necessity and its relevance. If the website is such that the promotion of its products or services does not need any illustration then there is no use of embedding it on website.  The image should be of some relevance to what is being offered by the website. Appropriate image embedding technology should be used so that the speed of downloading is least affected.

The website owner either has to opt in for template web design or custom web design.

The template web design is based on templates that are being commonly used by other web sites, is cheap but does not have the impact of custom website. The template websites have limitations with reference to the type of information uploaded and the load size of the images. It is because of this that custom web site is usually preferred.

The content, text or visual, is of vital importance for the success of the website. The text content should have the key words and key words phrases in the right density. This helps in optimizing the results of the search engine optimization strategies. The content should be original and appealing. It should be simple and easy to understand.

The right captions that draw the attention of the search engine spiders need to be used for increasing SEO efficiency. The captions should be backed up by Meta tags. The use of captions supports the hauling up of the website URL in the search engine list.

There should not be any broken links on the website. This could have a double negative impact. First, the visitor who clicks on this website gets disappointed because the click has ended up in no man’s land and the second is that the search engines may consider this to be a trick to just increase the rating on search engine page.

The navigation through the website should be easy. The layout should be such that no technical expertise should be needed to find a specific product or service on that website. If the navigation is confusing, it may worsen the visitor’s search. Consequently, the visitor may go to another website to get what he/she wants.

There are many buyers who are not only interested in the products or services being offered but also interested in the after sales service. The website should be able to facilitate the buyer with online payment and assure confidentiality of the password username that is used for transfer of money. The billing should include all the expenses such as taxes and logistics. When catering to the online buyers, care should be taken that the product or services reach the buyer in a condition that is mentioned in the website.

The information to be shared with the visitors has to be presented in a organized way. Advertising strategies like posting of banners or advertisements on other websites should be tried.

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