Consider these Points before Redesigning your Website

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Web Design | Published on Jan 02, 2011
There comes a time when most of the webmasters look at their website and decide to make a design change in the look and feel of it. The major goal in redesigning one's website should remain as to minimize these damaging factors.

Remember that attempting to change the design of your website can turn out to be a big mistake; to minimize the damage and maximize the outcome and the success of the change, one need to take into consideration of few aspects of one's website before redesigning it.

Most of the people who have built a website will definitely feel the need of redesigning it at one point or another. Maybe they can now afford the better programs and tools. Or maybe they are now more knowledgeable and just want to apply that knowledge to their website. It may be the case that perhaps they have received some reviews from their users urging them to change a certain aspect of their website.

If you already have very good website up and running and you are thinking of redesigning it. It may possible that many problems can arise when one redesigns their website and this can sometimes leads to hinder the success of a website. Among these problems, the main issues are related to user familiarity and broken links. This simply means is that when a user returns to your website they generally becomes familiar with your menus, links, pages and directories. However, if those things were to be changing, when the next time user comes to your website than he may find it more difficult to locate what he or she requires due to the lack of familiarity with the new design and layout.

Even though probably the website will not lose the majority of its users as a result of the change in layout, but it can still be harmful to the website to lose even a small percentage of its users. Also remember that broken links can be a devastating factor as a result of redesigning one's website, either because of existing backlinks which pointing to pages that will no longer exist or because users might have bookmarked certain pages that you no longer offer.

Damaging your backlinks can certainly hurt your website in the SERP which will ultimately decrease the traffic to your website. It is advisable that redesigning one's website should only take place as a last resort. Often changing the placement of your menus can make your users angry, new colors can alienate existing users and if you change some of the URL's you will end up with a lot of broken links and lose your hard earned search engine ranking.


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