Computer Optimization: Get Your Computer Run Faster

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Working on a slow PC is frustrating for everyone. Surely everyone wants response with in a second after clicking. But you have to keep PC optimized, in its best possible health to get such responses.

Computer optimization is the tuning up of PC to get faster. It is too hard to work on slow PC, surely everyone wants to get response within second after clicking on particular icon or folder. Performance of your computer system depends upon the many aspects. Some of them are memory available in your computer, bad sector of the hard disk. There had been instances when system does not perform properly if the RAM of the computer is low. But sometimes users face problem even when the system has abundant RAM and Processor.

PC requires regular maintenance to give peak performances. Computers can get bogged down and become slower, unreliable over time. That's why to keep your system in its prime health and perfect working condition, computer optimization task is essential. There are several points to look after for the computer optimization for every computer. The computer optimizer every day do scanning of files, folder and junk files to recover disk space. Clean cookies and history from your computer everyday.

Disk Defragmentation

Use Disk Defragmenter on your computer system to optimize your data. Computer often breaks program and files side by side for speedy access and retrieval. When these files are updated, updated are stored on largest space available on hard drive. Result is fragmented files which considerably slow down your system. Disk defragmenter is a utility of windows to combine back your files and make them available easily. Get a good antivirus and anti spyware program installed on your computer. Viruses and malware are mostly behind a frozen system. These security threats really eat up your system resources and make it painfully slow. Having a good and updated antivirus helps in protecting your system from these threats, making it safer, cleaner and faster.

Sometime computer come across issues where the program freezes or the monitor turns blue or even the error like: "drive not formatted" error, "Disk failure", or "operating system not found" may try to tease you. It may happen due to some bad sector on your hard drive which your RAM is not able to read or due to some registry error.

But don't lose your temperament your operating system is lashed with utility like the SCANDISK or CHKDSK which can keep track of the problem in no time. These utilities can mark the bad sector so that at the time of execution your operating system can skip them. This will optimize your computer performance.

If you have experience with computer that may probably have gone through error like: Error starting program. A required .DLL file xyz.DLL was not found." or "Cannot find the file xyz.exe (or one of its components.)."

Frequently while making installation or uninstallation your program either may overwrite any DLL file or it may be deleted. As you know that .DLL file are important for executing any program. Hence, in the absence you may get above errors.


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