Comparison Between Blogger and WordPress on important Features They Provide

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Business | Published on Nov 12, 2010
A Blogger is a Google tool which is having tremendous networking capability and allows all of Google account holders to follow you.

User-Friendliness: The thought that people are having in mind when they go for building a website is user-friendliness and the level of customization of the look and feel of the website because if they can tackle that they can get amazing results. These two website provides handy platform to publish site and both allows publishing website from e-mail as well as via mobile phone so if you start using them you will get great feeling for them. There are fewer features available on Blogger compare to WordPress so initially you will feel it less daunting due to the reason it has fewer internet savvy groups.

Wordpress Templates and Layouts: The biggest difference these two websites are having is in the arena of templates, layouts and the ability to customize them. Blogger offers direct access to code itself so when you wish to edit the Blog and you are technical person or at least familiar with HTML you can easily make changes to the appearance of your site by changing the code. Both websites are having immense option for selection of pre-made templates they even allows you to import pre-made templates which are available on other sites. You will find that Blogger is having wider range of templates compare to WordPress and with WordPress there is less possibility to change the template though you can still customize the headers. There are many designers who pick up layout templates from WordPress and place them into Blogger by altering the code intelligently this will allow them accessing to what WordPress offers in a slightly different form. In WordPress it is very easy to add features in posts as well as on your sidebar by simply adding tags to pages without even touching code.

Customization: When you go for customizing either of the sites it is going to take time. However it has been observed that Blogger offers more as far as templates selection are concern whereas WordPress is much easier to use and it also offers tremendous potential in the form of "widgets" or add-ons for your website because it can help you to keep track of how many people are visiting your page and also provides you options like setting up spam filters, subscribers, and comment managing. Social Networking: As far as having multiple pages, WordPress facilitates you to generate page with static content that can be considered as benefit comparing with Blogger because in Blogger new page will be created separately for your profile.





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