Common Problems Online Marketers Encounter and Possible Solutions

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By using the right tool for the right job your can get things done faster. This principle also applies to internet marketing. In this article I address the common problems the every internet marketer face nowadays. I believe that there are several ideas,
Problems Addressed I'm sure some of you online marketers might have experienced something along the line of 1. Spent a lot of money on PPC campaign and got only small conversion that did not even cover your PPC expense 2. Afraid to jump in and promote high paying affiliate program because you did not feel that you had what it take to compete in such a highly-competitive market 3. Spent night after night to figure out keywords, ad description just to find out a few weeks later that your ad campaign did not perform well as much as you have put an effort into 4. Struggle with getting quality traffic with your tight budget 5. Google Adsense income stopped growing like the way it used to be You may have experienced some of the above examples, if you have not you must be doing pretty well with your online business, and then don't waste time on this article just continue on what you're doing. For those of you who have experienced something like the above examples, you may have already figured out the reasons why. The reasons why you did not do well with your online business is easy to figure out it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But the important part is the solution to the problems you are facing, as you may have noticed that some people on the internet have already addressed these kinds of problems before and some of them have claimed that they can provide you some kind of solutions. My stand on this is that just don't believe every word they say because they are trying to sell you something, just use your own good judgment and try to reason with the other side of story. The same principal applies here just donít believe everything I tell you. But instead, use your own judgment to tell yourself whether or not my approach to the solution is right for you. Possible Solutions And here are some of the reasons of the above examples along with some possibilities to get around that particular problem 1. Problem - because you targeted to the broad audience, you tried to address them as a group and you tried to sell everyone the same thing Possible Solution - build an ad with more targeted product, i.e., instead of target people who are looking to buy a new cheap laptop as a whole try target people who are looking for specific laptop model Advantage - the percent of potential buyers is increased because when someone is searching for a particular product model you can be sure that they are likely to buy if they find the right offer (price, shipping method/cost etc.) Disadvantage - it is time consuming to create ad campaign for every possible product Problem - your customer (people who clicked your ad) did not see what they expected to see as they clicked your ad and find out later that they have been taken to someplace they did not try to get to. So when this happen your customers tend to click the back button in a heartbeat. Possible Solution - build customized landing pages for as many products as you promote Advantage - your customers will see what they expected. And you get lower cost per click because your ads and your landing pages are highly relevant so the PPC engine gives you high quality score on that Disadvantage - again time consuming 2. Problem - because high paying affiliate programs are very competitive and low paying affiliate programs do not worth the time and money, so you could not figure out which one is the right path to take Possible solution - go with the high paying affiliate programs. That's where the money is period. Advantage - you can be certain that the products you are promoting sell themselves. So your job is to provide your customers to what they are looking for. The rest is the merchant site's job, to convert potential customers into buyers. Disadvantage - you cannot afford to risk paying the high price of the keywords that are related to high paying market without any guarantee on the return. 3. Problem - you didn't think you need all those flashy tools to help with your keywords, ads research because you thought you can do it yourself and besides there are plenty of free tools out there. Possible solution - reprogram your mind think that with the right tool you can speed up your work process tremendously. Get yourself tools that you need to get whatever you are doing done. You also need to consider that time is your most valuable asset the faster you can get work done the more money you can make. And with the free tools that everyone has access to, do you think you will get a better result? Reprogram your mind not to mainly invest your time but instead invest in the right tools that get your work done. Advantage - you'll get work done much faster and you can then focus on more important things such as tracking your conversion, tweaking your campaign, employ new tactics etc. So in the long run you work more effectively which means more profit. Disadvantage - you'll initially spend more money to get yourself the right tools. 4. Problem - this is true whether you like it or not, cost of pay-per-click is steadily rising everyday even now. So with the same amount of budget that you used to spend for pay-per-click traffic you won't get the same quantity of traffic as you used to. Possible solution - find yourself an alternate source of traffic apart from the pay-per-click traffic Advantage - you do not have to pay for the traffic directly Disadvantage - you will need to use Search Engine Optimization Techniques which requires you to spend more time 5. Problem - Other people outranked your web site and there are more to come Possible solution - grow in numbers of site to average out your chance or find a way to regain your ranking Advantage - higher ranking means high earning Disadvantage - need to spend time and money on search engine optimization


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