Combination of Backlinks and Blog Commenting

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Oct 15, 2010
Developing backlinks by posting comments on blogs/sites is popular way due to this reason novice users are always trying for the best ways to create backlink by posting comments.

The comments which you are going to post for generating backlinks must be having relation with blog post niche and it should never look like as just promotion of your website.

For an example, if the blog in question deals with art galleries in the greater Sydney area then you should never share your personal experiences which you had when you visited that location. Perhaps you should focus on writing more about quality of the pictures and arts. You should not place comment which looks like spam because blog owner may view it as spam and your comments will be banned or removed immediately and as a result your website's credibility will go down the tubes.

What is the reason behind popularity of Do-Follow Blogs? A blog's do-follow attribute grants the blog's "link juice" to pass on to the websites from which commenting has been done. For any website Do-follow blogs are having greater importance for increasing their PR because they help a lot in increasing links popularity to other websites and in return it will bring in much needed traffic to your website. The number of comments you have posted also have its advantage because the more links you have posted on blogs the higher your website's plausibility and exposure it will create. So whatever comment you post just make sure it is relating with blog site and make it worth.

Google will help you to get the most up-to-date list of do-follow blogs that can satisfy for your SEO needs. However, do-follow tag lies in the website's HTML code and is not viewable to normal user and this tag can be changed to no-follow tags at any point of time so you need to regularly update your list so you know in advance if the blog you wanted to post comment is a do follow or no-follow. The best thing to do is to gather relevant do-follow blogs list and should be arranged as per their PR ranks.

Visit the blogs which are on top of the list and comment on them first as it will help to get links with high PR. Put your website's name or the keywords you are using in place of your name to create links to your website because by doing this you are making sure that you are getting the word out about your website and also you are increasing the rank of your website. After posting comments, you need to visit them on a regular basis and continuously put more comments by joining communities of blogs.




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