CMS must be easy to use and the learning time should be as short as possible

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Business | Published on Sep 05, 2010
Content Management System (CMS) has become increasingly popular over the years for many Internet Entrepreneurs.

Many people believe the ease of use of the software is very important because most people are not tech savvy. Some CMS even require the users to possess web development knowledge for basic usage which to me, is pointless.

Speed is the key factor when we are considering to start any web business hence the CMS must be easy to use and the learning time should be as short as possible. After using so many CMS, people would go for WordPress CMS if they want something fast and responsive. WordPress, being the most popular blogging system for the last few years, has always put their focus on the usability of their software.

Not only can WordPress help you to set up blogs it is also a powerful system for a general website setup with the help of a good WordPress template. The next thing you should look at is how Search Engine friendly is the CMS. Most CMS nowadays create their platform in according to the Webmasters guidelines by Google and Yahoo but still there are some CMS that are totally unfriendly to Search Engines.

Search Engines is an important part of your overall marketing strategy of your business. It is through Search Engines that will bring you new visitors over time. In my experience, WordPress is the best CMS in terms of Search Engine friendliness. It is also faster than 90% of the CMS out there. Speed of the website is also important as it has an impact on your Google and Yahoo search engine rankings as well. Another thing you should look at is how easy it is to install and extend the CMS. For example, how difficult to install additional feature such as a forum or shopping cart? There are only 2 CMS I would use if I am going for more functions, they are WordPress and Joomla.

WordPress has quite a handful of additional plug-ins. You will be able to find plug-ins like shopping cart and forum for WordPress on the Internet. While WordPress is enough to cover most basic functions and some additional requirements, Joomla has an edge over WordPress here. After using Joomla for several years, you can find almost any plug-ins you want for Joomla.

Joomla plugins are also more complete when compare to WordPress as the latter focus on simplicity most of the time. Hence, if you want more control and other functions for your CMS, choose Joomla. To conclude, WordPress is a highly efficient CMS for most Internet Entrepreneurs and Joomla is more for sophisticated requirements.


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