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Abstract: is a Voice over IP program for Windows and Mac OS X. Getting a Ventrilo server and having your own freedom to use it as you need may be a great experience- but you will have a tough time without a sturdy administration panel.
Ventrilo is a Voice over IP program for Windows and Mac OS X. It is very similar to a telephone call, although things such as headsets or computer microphones are used, instead of a physical receiver. The program itself is free- but getting a server is a different issue. Ventrilo is often used in online multiplayer gaming, so teammates can communicate with each other. To resources it takes to hold an entire team of gamers can be substantial- leading to the prospect of Ventrilo servers. These are servers that have the sole purpose of providing Ventrilo hosting for anyone who may need it- and not just gamers. Military uses, consumers who wish to replace expensive phones, and a myriad of other uses. In the business, the program is simply referred to as ďVentĒ. The developer of the program recently made changes to policy- making it extremely hard to obtain a Ventrilo server. The developer claimed that money was being made from the free program- so a restrictive license banned anyone from selling services from all but the biggest hosting companies. With many of the Ventrilo services shut down, there are considerably fewer Ventrilo resources- effectively inflating the market in some parts. One such company that has managed to survive is Maximum Voice. The company offers outstanding rates, which would be considered to be competitive even when competition was more plentiful. You can buy anything from a small, five-user server for around $5. You can ever go as high as 400 users for $120- given you have a need for such power. Prices donít always make a company, however- so how does the rest stack up? Location is a major factor in finding a reliable Ventrilo server. If you pick a location too far away from you or those who will be using it, then you will most likely see sluggish performance. Thankfully, Maximum Voice has a total of seven servers all around the United States- giving you the flexibility and speed you need during competitive gaming, or even a stable phone call to your family or friends. Donít be worried over a complicated user interface. Maximum Voice ensures you that even the most basic computer use can figure everything out with relative ease. Even better, the company breaks compatibility issues with Mac to Windows support. Have a friend on a Mac machine, and wish to speak with them, but you have Windows instead? No problem, the compatibility issue has been fixed with the services of Maximum Voice- letting you talk to your friend instantly. Getting a Ventrilo server and having your own freedom to use it as you need may be a great experience- but you will have a tough time without a sturdy administration panel. The intuitive administration panel for the program is heavily documented on Maximum Voice, guiding you through what you need to know to successfully manage your Ventrilo server. All of the administration features are in full working order and 100% supported- a kind of prestige that is becoming common for Maximum Voice. Even if you are completely new to the mix- donít worry. The dept of the Maximum Voice knowledge base is extensive- you will have absolutely no trouble learning, even if you are completely new. In short, Maximum Voice has stayed around even after many were denied permission to use Ventrilo for one simple reason- dependability. You can be assured you will not be cheated through unfair prices, high quality surfaces, and extremely little if any lag at all- but you will have a peace of mind knowing that the difficulties of administrating, learning, or troubleshooting Ventrilo will be quickly neutralized with the great support at Maximum Voice. If you are looking for a service in Ventrilo hosting, make sure you check out Maximum Voice first- you will be glad you did.


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