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It can be scary trying to choose the right cheap web hosting company. Here is some direction to assist you.

There are a variety of essential steps for you to make the appropriate choice for cheap web hosting. Missing a step will cause untold problems eventually, so follow the strategies closely.

Choose Carefully

The price is, by far, not the most important consideration. Reliability is. The dirty little tactic among hosting companies is that once they have you, they have you. It is a huge pain for you to move to another small business web host company. So you need to get it right from the start. Avoid free sites. Do you really want competing ads on your small business pages? Would you like your business limited by small allocated disk space and bandwidth? If you can not afford the unbelievably low web hosting prices these days, then you have a hobby, not a business.

So how do you check reliability? The same way you do for any other product. You do detective work and test. Do a Google search for web forums. You will find plenty of people with clear solid opinions. Invest an hour and a half reading these posts and you will discover a solid base of recommended host sites.

Once you have 5 or so potential candidates, it is time to test. Contact their customer support. Check their live support. Time it. Send them a message. If they do not respond promptly now, you can bet that when you have a concern, they will be nearly impossible to get a hold of. You will want to find out about both web server reliability and mail server reliability.

Anticipate Your Requirements

Do you have dreams of grandeur for your online enterprise? Better to pick a web host plan accordingly. Two key measures are disk space and bandwidth. If you will have a lot of video or expect monster traffic, then bandwidth is the most important thing. If you will have reams of pictures, disk space is key. Other considerations are what highly advanced applications are included. Ask your friendly web geek if you are likely to ever want such applications as Ruby on Rails or Fantastico.

Features To Include

You will want to have these extra features from your small business web host. You will want a useful interface. Cpanel is typical. Beware of highly unique control panels. It will mean a learning curve for someone. You will want guaranteed up-time in excess of 99%. Many companies, these days, promise 100% up-time, but the risk on their side is low. A 1 day refund for a $7.95 monthly fee pales compared to you losing $1000 in orders because your site had gone dark. Read those forums for real-world experience! Absolutely insist on daily backups and 24/7 free customer service. Examine the fine print for sneaky support charges.

Choosing the correct small business web host is not that difficult, but you do want to invest some time to make the right choice. Do the research, anticipate what you will want in the years to come as well as now, and demand on the key things you want. You might even want to become a reseller. Do the math. If you could market $7.95 a month web hosting to 100 people, that is about $10,000 a year. Now you know why there are so many cheap hosts around and why it is confusing trying to pick the correct one.

Looking for guidance on how to pick the right website host?

My video, "The Top 5 Things You Need To Know to Pick the Right Website Host" may help.

Take a look... Cheap Host How-To Video.

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