Changing Your Interest in Everything: How to Find Your Niche?

Submitted by John B | Category: General Interest | Published on Jul 23, 2010
If you have been told that to make money you have to have a niche, then you may want to reconsider. There are different approaches to finding your niche, most which don't involve the focus on becoming a specialist in any given area.

Finding a specialization or a field that you are interested in above all others is one that is not applicable to many.For some, there is not time to think about the several things that lead to a certain niche that you may have.Others have found that there is the need to learn about everything, without the desire to become a specialist.If you have been procrastinating to find a niche that fits your needs, then reexamining your options may lead you to more possibilities for your future.

There are two fields of thought that relate to finding a niche. The first is that you don't need a niche.The second is that those without a niche will not be successful.However, finding a niche is one that you can't model and which you have to find for yourself.Taking the time to do what interests you most and which you are passionate about, then building your foundation for a niche around this can help you to get ahead of others who have always been in the area of specialization.

Moving forward with doing what you love and what interests you will lead you to a new stage of not only finding a niche, but also being an expert.For instance, discovering several different facets of life can eventually move you ahead of others who have only specialized in one area for several years because you are able to understand how different things fit into your interests.Many who focus on finding information they want, then applying it into their niche later, will have the ability to become coaches, mentors, professionals and advisors that are able to apply practical advice and theories to everyday situations.You can do this simply by reading what interests you then can blog about it so others are able to gain the same type of knowledge.

The best way to find your niche is to simply do what you love and to stop looking for something to specialize in.Building a level of credibility and interest in everything that interests you and allowing yourself to grow into more details and levels of knowledge from this can then lead you into recognition from others.You will find that the simple investments of doing what you love will eventually lead you into a niche as well as a rich amount of knowledge with the interests you have.


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