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Submitted by Kerry V. Crosby | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
EDC and In Touch Media introduce a new product package called PROMO BLACK BOX to enable small to mid-size businesses turn their web-sites in profit making dynamo's.
Remember the late 1990's? Al Gore had just invented the Internet and futurist business guru's were all proclaiming that small to midsized businesses, in order to survive in the second millenium, must develop a website and claim a presense on the Internet. Business owners listened, and most businesses now have a business web-site. HOWEVER, most business owners soon discovered that maintiaining that web-site and keeping the information fresh was a time-consuming burden and a cost-drain that only enriched the coffers of the webmasters hired to provide the service. As a result, most websites were neglected and have become only glorified business cards that give potential customers a little information about the company, the owners, the products and/or services provided, contact information and directions to the business location. Little thought has gone into making the web-site a major profit center for the business. Now enters, Center Stage, PROMO BLACK BOX, a do-it-yourself tool box to help business owners turn their company websites into 24/7 money making machines! May 1, 2007, EDC, a privately held wholesaler of Internet marketing software tools, and In Touch Media, a publicly held company of Internet search experts and marketing consultants, teamed up to introduce PROMO BLACK BOX. The beauty of PROMO BLACK BOX is not just the products, but the live webinar training that is included so that a company's own marketing staff can learn to use the products without outside consultants' help. PROMO BLACK BOX first teaches owners how to drive a ton of traffic to their web-sites by revealing the inside secrets of Google and how such search engines work. Second, it includes software that automatically modifies the web-sites landing pages to include the exact key search words or phrases used by the customer doing the search, increasing the likelihood the customer will stay at that site. Thirdly, it provides owners a tool for growing their customer lists by capturing lead contact information on site-visitors, and then automatically following up with correspondence and communications with them and with the businesses' entire customer base. Hear and read more about this product at . Sample the training by attending a weekly Monday webinar presentation at at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 12:noon Eastern Time. Your 'Username' is simply your own name or company name; your "Password" is "guest".


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