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Anyone considering an online or work at home business should develop a little business plan based on a few simple questions before they start plunking down cash. There are so many advertisements that it's easy too lose your focus.

Read this before you spend your time, energy and money. Before you begin to consider money making work at home opportunities, you have to answer some very basic questions:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


How much time do I have to devote to an enterprise?  You have to be realistic.  If you are working full time, have small children at home or have physical limitations, your time may be limited. 


What skills or knowledge do I have?  The answer to this question has a direct bearing on the time you will have available.  If you have excellent typing skills, good language skills or specialized knowledge it may take you less time to get an enterprise up and earning income.  If you lack some skills, it will take longer.  There are opportunities online for people who are fluent in more than one language, have good communication skills for telephone work, writing and editing, data transcription and etc.   Be sure to consider your hobbies.  You may have the information and experience necessary to create the content for a successful niche website.


Do I have the appropriate equipment?   Do you need a faster internet connection, newer computer or printer/fax/scanner?  What computer programs will you need to acquire or purchase.  (Many very useful programs are freeware or open source like FileZilla, NVU, Wordpress or the Firefox Browser)


What kind of work or business would I feel good about?  You have to be proud of your work so if you are not comfortable in a direct sales position, donít go there.  If you want to go into internet marketing or become a virtual assistant, but donít know much about it, donít let that deter you.  Just get online and go get the knowledge you need.  All it takes is perseverance and time.  You will need to believe in the service you provide or product you market.  Donít try unless you can be passionate about your work.  Even in regular 9 Ė 5 jobs, you canít be truly successful without that passion.


How much money do I want to make?  Well, everyone wants to make lots of money.  Some Internet activities such as surveys, panels, reading emails, pay less that others.  They require little investment, few skills and so are less rewarding.  There are many very happy busy determined people making extra income taking surveys, product testing, secret shopping or by reading emails. Many people enjoy taking surveys and completing offers for cash and prizes.  However, if you want to earn real part time income or full time income you will have to work the hours and learn the skills you need to succeed.


How much money can I budget to start an online career or for the education I may need?   Only you have that answer, but you can start out on a shoestring as there are tons of free resources online.  You will find that many people want to sell you ebooks that they claim will make you wealthy.  Avoid buying ebooks.  Contact me through my website email and Iíll send you the addresses of a couple of sites where you can download free.  My advice is to register for a few ezines that relate to your field of interest.  They all want you to buy something, but they do offer information.  There are many affiliate programs that will allow you to register and use their resources for free.  These are excellent sources of information because they only earn money if you do.  Even if they have monthly fees, members who earn little income drop out.  Itís in their best interest to help you succeed.  The big money earners spend big bucks on advertising, but they all started out small.....


A Note of Caution - Stick with well established affiliate programs and do your homework.  Avoid the programs that are just starting or pyramid schemes.  Pyramid schemes really donít have much of a product to sell.  Sometimes they have products, but they are ebooks or software with little real value.  They rely solely on selling new memberships.  Check the programs out with the Better Business Bureau.  Log onto related forums and ask for opinions.  Youíll find that people are willing to share all their bad experiences.  Just remember that working online is very competitive and people have often failed because they didnít realize how much effort was required.  An online work at home business doesnít require the same investment as a bricks and mortar business or commuting costs, but it will require expenditures.  If you are willing to do much of the work manually, you can reduce many costs.



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