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Info about starting a home business.
So you want to start a home Internet business and have your idea and web design accomplished. Now you need to add the content that will get people coming to visit your site. The best way to fill your site and make it appealing is simplicity. You don?t need to have tons of graphics and bright colors plastered all over. The clean simple design is the best and attracts the most people. Too many things going on through out a site can be overwhelming to the viewer and drive them away, not get them to stay and come back. Stay away from playing annoying music of any kind on your site. This a sure fire way to drive away business. You also want to stay away from things that require time to load. This slows down the viewer?s access to immediate information. Just because you can put it on a site does not mean you have to or should. You want to have value to your site. What works is good content. This will make the viewer linger and become more interested in what you have. There are tons of ways to accomplish this and you will to use and decide what works for you. Pick a few tools of the trade use them and apply them to your site and monitor the response and traffic. If you notice that some are not producing remove them and try something else. You will have to be diligent but remember that simple is better. You don?t want to implement every tool at once it can make your viewers feel uncomfortable so use a few and ditch the rest. Here are just a few possibilities. 1. E-mail lists are great to allow customers to talk about your products and services. Yahoo groups offer this service free. Members can post comments and questions to you or each other and an e-mail is generated to all users. The group can be private, subject to approval, or public. You will want to see daily traffic and post frequently in the beginning to get things going. Eventually your customers will start talking to each other. These lists are a great tool and keep people active and coming back. 2. Polls for viewers to vote on a specific issue related to the site?s content. You want to keep people interactive so they don?t bored. Writing a poll from scratch can be tricky but they make great templates today that can be of great help. You would fill in the blanks and then copy and paste the code to your site. 3. Weblogs or blogs are like an online journal that is frequently updated. You will add some good links into it help up your business of course. It is also a form of communication that allows people to stay updated on what is going on with your business and what they can expect in the future. Today blogs have taken on a life of their own and are sweeping through cyber land. ***** To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:


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