Design and build your own websites - what are your options?

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Outlined 6 options for those of you who want to design and build your own websites.
For those who are considering ,designing, and ,building, your own ,websites, especially the beginners, there are several options you have.

Option 1 - : The easiest way is to hire a ,web designer, to do it for you. This option is good for those who have no knowledge of website design and website building, and for those who don't have the time to do it themselves. Of course, the professional ,web designer, will deliver good and well ,designed website, that cater to your need.

However, not many individual would use the service of a professional ,web designer, which comes with hefty fees. On top of that they also charge additional fee each time they are required to redesign, to edit, to touch up, or to add more content etc to improve the website.

You have to let them know exactly what are your requirements and provide them with whatever information you want to put in the website, otherwise, the completed website might not be to your liking. Another little set back is you have to stick to the time schedule of the ,web designer,. If they are too busy or short handed, your website would be delayed.

A cheaper option is to hire non professionals, someone who knows how to ,design and build a website,. There are some part-timers and college students who would do it for less to earn some extra pocket money. You may be surprised, some of them produce quality websites.

Option 2 - Free websites: Some sites offer you to build free website when you sign up their free membership, but your website address would have to be attached to the site's name and shown as a sub-sub-page which reads like this: instead of the normal: If you can live with that, it's okay.

Because the site is providing free service, there is no financial income. So, there is always a danger that the company might close down one day or suddenly decides not to provide free service anymore and starts charging ridiculous fee. Even if you can move to somewhere else, you would lose all those important inbound links that you have built to your site. (their site actually.) AND if anything suddenly happen to that site, you will lose everything you have built there. Your time and your effort would be wasted. You can't even complain since it was a free service.

There are websites that offer you free ,websites design,. And what free website design do they provide you? Some pre-design website templates to choose from, where you simply have to fill in the details like your header, the navigation buttons and the main content. That's good, right? Well, actually there are strings attached. First, you have to sign up their domain name registration and web hosting service packages. And you to have pay for yearly membership to maintain it. Actually, it is not really free when you have to pay for something packaged in like this.

Option 3 - Learn HTML: that's the basis of ,website building,. Just go to any search engine and type "HTML tutorial" and you will find many websites that offer free HTML tutorial courses for you to learn. However, not everyone are cut for learning and using HTML codes to build your own website because the whole process is tedious and troublesome.

Option 4 - Use HTML editor: This fills the shortfall of option 3 above. Yes, there are some great HTML editor software like Dreamweaver or Microsoft Front Page that will help you ,build, your own ,websites,. Using these software makes ,building websites, easy - like using a word processor. Of course, they also come with a great price tag. And if you are not so techie, you would have to spend some time to read and learn the tutorials or look up the help topics on how to use these great tools.

Option 5 - Use website templates: If you don't have any flair in ,designing, don't despair. You can always use website templates and build great looking website. There are many websites offering pre-designed website templates to help you ,building websites,. Well, these good great looking website templates with lots of choices and options are often pricey.

You may also get the cheaper templates or if you can even find some free ones. But the ,design, of these cheaper or free templates are often too simple and rigid, some have limited font style and font sizes. Some even limit the amount of text you can feed in! You can't do very much with it.

Whatever templates you get, they are just templates. You still need to use HTML codes or any one of those HTML editor software in order to create your websites.

Option 6 - Buy "How to ,design and build websites," books and learn. There are many books written on this subject and some are really good. You can find one at

You should check and compare the price and the quality of these books. Some author likes to write long passages and dwell deep and lengthy into various topics. You probably would not want to spend your precious time to read some two to three hundred pages before you can get even started.

Also, be wary of what ebook you are getting; some are actually edited version of tutorials on the how to use the HTML editor like Dream weaver and Microsoft Front Page. don't be caught - After you have paid for the tutorial, you have to pay again to get these HTML editor.

So, there you are, the 6 options for you to choose to ,design and build your own websites,. There are more options if you search on further. What's the criteria you are looking for? Is it?

  1. the price? - how much are you willing to pay for it? Is it worth it?
  2. the time factor? How much of your precious time that you will spend?
  3. the overall benefits and the result? Are you getting what's worth for you money and you time?


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