Bring Down the Bounce Rate for Getting Proper Website Traffic

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Feb 01, 2011
Here you would come across certain tips and suggestions that can be useful for bringing down the bounce rate.

Decreasing the bounce rate is very important if you are looking ahead of analytics, especially if this rate is high and you want to bring it down. As a website owner you would definitely wish that the visitor’s gets busy with your site and conduct any buying or selling action in order to meet up the goals.

Google has constant watch on websites that use Google Analytics. You might not be directly told by Google about it but they keep track of what your website is doing for the bounce rate. They do this because if the bounce rate is higher, that implies that web page they show to the visitors is not relevant to the website search. It creates the impression with visitors that Google is not doing what they are supposed to, that is giving relevant search results. Search engine also might think that the site has set-up links with invalid information.

So it is recommended that you take relevant steps to decrease the bounce rate. Examine the bounce rate based on keywords and landing pages linked with those keywords. If those words get higher net traffic and gives a site good SEO ranking, in such case even if the bounce rate is higher, you might not require to make any significant changes in keywords.

If the bounce rate is very high and is directly related to some of the primary keyword, than you have to go through your site’s landing pages. See whether the search term question is answered on that particular web page or not. Things that you need to look out for are- number of ads, the overall look of the page, colors, layout format, pop overs, etc.

Evaluate the amount of information being published in the web page. Visitors tend to avoid web pages that contains too much of content more than required, which results into logging off your website. People are short of time so they want the information they seek in simpler and faster manner. Provide valid break-ups to the text, picture and bullet points. Keep the website set-up such that, it is soothing to the eyes, so that the bounce rate decreases.

By following the above mentioned suggestions it is very likely that the bounce rate goes down, but if it remains the same even after many weeks than please take professional help. Even online tool like ‘Website optimizer’ from Google can be helpful.


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