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Submitted by Cammy Cristo | Category: Web Services | Published on May 23, 2012
Broadcast Yourself - when YouTube came into the web with this tagline no one ever thought that in a few years the impact of this simple video sharing website will be so powerful on our society.


The Web at Your Service WWW Today we can see that both the above “considerable” small services have become giants in their field. YouTube is the major part of today’s web ranking third in Alexa site ranking. On the other hand AvantLink itself has overshadowed any other marketing and affiliating service available throughout the WWW.

    What connect these two very different service providers is their APIs. API simply stands for Application Programming Interface, which means that by the help of any network’s API you can create some tools yourself which will sun on the particular interface and taking inputs from various software components of that service. After that these API tools can analyze, manipulate, and synthesis the inputs according to your needs.

Imagine understanding the trend on YouTube and how much helpful it can be for your business if it is fashion or youth oriented. YouTube API will help you to understand the day to day life and preferences from very large audiences. With the help of YouTube API you can access any video statistics and data related with all the channels. This data if used carefully with tool that you have develop using API can help you in a way that you can’t even imagine. Even if you are a business owner or an individual YouTube API based tools are helpful in any way possible. The sole reason behind its success is the power of people which uses YouTube daily.

    Similarly AvantLink has its own API to help both merchants and affiliates. It is used in creating tools from data retrieval to configuration. For the merchant it is an enhanced way to communicate with their target crowd since with the help you AvantLink API you can update your ad information to change the style of your campaign. And all this will be done invisibly with the power of API. Affiliates are also benefited with AvantLink API since it will help them with ad search and make them able to set the parameters of what kind of ads they want.

The above can be considered as just the glimpse of the power that both the APIs hold. And even many corporations claim that they have their command over these APIs, the fact is they are actually misleading the innocent crowd with their flashy marketing. Most of these companies don’t have the skilled professionals which are required to handle this very critical task.

                WIDSIX Digital Branding and Web IT Designs work in a way that sets them apart from other development companies. They understand the power of these APIs along with the valuable requirements of our customers by having day to day meetings and involving them in the development procedure. WIDSIX Digital Branding and Web IT Designs have introduced these services named AvantLink API and YouTube API management to help you empower your website to increase conversions and maximize your web real estate.


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