Blogging Offers Profitable Results for Small Business Owners

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Blogging can help a lot to small business owners who are struggling for finding new innovative ways to get online exposure to improve online positioning. With blogging one can reach to whole world easily.

Many small business owners struggle with finding new, innovative ways to increase online exposure and improve their online positioning. The Internet is a dynamic, changing vehicle in which savvy business owners can do very well implementing and managing their own marketing strategies. However, in order to do so, one must continually learn and use the latest technological tools for personal and professional promotion.

The Internet has changed. The way people are doing business has changed dramatically in the last several months. Successful Internet marketers understand and embrace this new paradigm consisting of interactive collaboration. The old-style static websites relying on search engine traffic is essentially pass.

Today, online consumers are looking for more content-rich collaboration rather than the older model website that was primarily static. This is what is referred to by some as Web 2.0 and the Social Media Revolution. Blogging is one of many interactive techniques that small businesses use to establish authority in their chosen industry. Being an authority in ones respective field helps to build credibility among consumers.

In addition, a company can use a blog to create consumer buzz related to their industry, enrich the understanding of their existing client base, reach out to existing customers, and open a portal to both local and global media. Regardless of a company's size or their specific motivation, using a blog as part of an integrated Social Media Marketing Campaign can and will result in increased exposure thus increasing profits exponentially.

What is a Blog?

A blog, short for web log, is an interactive format for writing content. The type of content is solely up to the individual posting the material. It can be a personal journal allowing the writer to post his or her personal thoughts and opinions on any number of various subjects. It can be used to share ones personal experiences and knowledge about a particular subject or a variety of different subjects. Many blogs have a specific theme, such as a particular industry or product. Some blogs have a general theme such as current events. Many families use blogging as a tool to share information about their life with other people.

There are a number of companies that specialize in hosting blogs, such as that offers free WordPress blog installations to premium hosting customers. By having a hosted blog, users can post photo galleries, and even video files so that they are available on the world wide web. Many blog engines have built-in, user-friendly ways to optimize for search engine marketing (SEO/SEM).

Using these tools, a blog can be a vessel to improve search engine driven traffic to a website or increase collaboration. Many people use a blog as a tool for syndicating information between other various social media portals such as FaceBook and Twitter. Ultimately, a blog is an effective way to collaborate with associates and drive customers to your business.

Is Blogging Congruent with your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Blogging works great for companies that believe in the product or service they are trying to promote. It is also a great opportunity for individuals to initiate collaboration and synergy related to specific topics. Blogging can unleash a tremendous amount of potential for achieving goals related to positioning and can work to substantially improve credibility. Any business person can successfully blog about topics that pertain to their specific industry. If one is not a good writer, there are countless professional freelance writers who offer blogging services for affordable prices.

With the help of a professional, a ghost writer or contract blogger will be sure to include keywords and key phrases that will help increase search engine rankings on the web. This means more traffic to the respective website thus resulting in more sales. However, it is important to note that blogging is part of a marketing plan and should not be the entire plan. For assistance with setting goals for social media marketing and implementing a strategy to meet those goals, a business owner may want to consult a Social Media Marketing firm such as Expert Website Services.

Establishing an inclusive marketing plan and setting goals is tantamount to launching a successful Social Media Marketing campaign, with or without a blog. This type of strategic plan increases both net sales and gross profits. It is also important to have a social media policy in place so that employees can represent the company in a way consistent with the company's other branding efforts.

Setting Up Your Business Blog

There are a variety of options with regard to writing content or hiring ghost writers to provide the content. Regardless of who does the actual writing, someone needs to set up the blog platform. There are many options with regard to tools for blogging. This author prefers to use WordPress for a variety of reasons. Hosting a WordPress blog is both simple and relatively inexpensive. Many small businesses purchase a domain name that matches their business. For example, a company called ABC Widgets may register the domain name Then, the blog URL can be set up a few different ways. If the blog site is going to be the primary website, the blog URL should be: If the blog is only intended to compliment the company's primary website than the blog URL will most likely be

The second variation is actually a subdirectory of the company's existing website. The first option would be a separate domain in its entirety. Hosting a WordPress blog can sometimes cost a modest fee and would be required in order to use a customized domain name for one's business blog.

Expert Website Services can assist you with registering the right domain name, hosting the website, and installing WordPress on your hosting account. Choosing a reliable hosting provider who can assist you with setting up your blog is an important part of a company's social media strategy.

Deciding What to Post on Your Blog

When first starting to write a blog, it is helpful to brainstorm topics that you believe your potential audience would want to read about. Consider the topics that directly relate to your particular industry. It is important to consider content that is most apt to help establish the author as an authority in the respective field.

Create a list of ideas for posts. If you are hiring someone to blog for you, they can help brainstorm ideas that will be profitable for you. These ideas will be based around keywords that pertain to your specific business. For example, if you're a financial professional, you may want to supply checklists for readers or easy how-to guides on deciding whether to re-finance or not. Ultimately, the best blog content is reader-driven and provides helpful information that establishes the writer (or business) as someone the reader can trust and rely on to provide salient and foolproof professional advice.

This type of positioning is the cornerstone of turning from visibility to profitability. Social Media & Your Business Blogging is just one of the many ways to get your business more exposure on the World Wide Web. Other social networking websites such as Facebook , Linked In, YouTube, and Myspace are also great tools to expand your potential audience.

However, blogging provides a more personal approach at selling your products or services. Having a blog can also help to automate communication within these other various social media outlets. It also is a great way to establish yourself as a true professional in your industry and will allow your small business to grow exponentially with the right content and blog implementation.


Kevin S. Taylor, MBA is the Chief Executive Officer of Expert Website Services and Assistant Director of BNI in Las Vegas NV


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