The Biggest Party on the Internet is Going ON, Is your Business IN?

Submitted by Rica V GAdi | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on May 31, 2011
Social network marketing can be described as an existing element of organizations' integrated marketing communications strategy. Integrated marketing communications is a notion organizations abide by to interact with their intended markets.

Integrated marketing communications brings collectively the elements of a promotional mix including advertising, direct selling, public relations, publicity, direct selling, and advertisement to come up with customer focused message. In the field of traditional marketing communications structure, the subject, frequency, timing, and means of communications through the organization is in connection with an external factor like the advertising agencies, marketing research companies, and public relations firms.

Today, more and more businesses are using popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to name a few to start connecting and engaging with their prospects, clients and the entire global race. Social networking is becoming a phase that is definitely accessible to anyone with internet access, paving way for organizations to boost their brand recognition and improve conversations with the consumer. Furthermore, social network is comparatively low-cost platform intended for organizations to implement marketing campaigns. Organizations acquire direct responses from their clients and targeted markets. People don’t want to be sold to, they want you to actually be engaged and have a relationship with before they decide to be a customer.

Social networking is currently trusted to not just project marketing influence, but additionally to obtain significant demographic and consumer data determined by communications that happens across the varied platforms. As this social internet continues to progress, social network interactions tend to be more effortlessly gathered into techniques of metrics than can parse, store and translate this interaction data into actionable market intelligence. Partnered with Business Intelligence, this formulates for increasingly more influential, actionable and direct access to consumer response.

Social Network Marketing cannot be ignored and businesses cannot afford not to participate. It is like being invited to the biggest party, with free food and drinks and declining. Yes, this can take a lot of time but it can go a really long way for half the budget. Outsourcing to the Philippines can be the solution to get you started and help you in your social network marketing campaign. Delegate the management of your social media campaigns to a reliable outsourcing company that will work with you to provide valuable information, reliable content and tips to your potential and current audience. Engage with them and start a community within the social networks. Be part of the biggest party on the internet and rise above the competition.


Rica V GAdi has been working in the Marketing Arena for over 10 years, working for various companies; from software companies to dot coms to consultancy firms in the US, Australia and the UK.


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