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Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on May 24, 2011
Most of the businesses are looking for the SEO help and they don't do a homework.

Most of the companies are not doing their home work on the subject as they would on any other services and they try to cut corners on the cheap by paying a few dollars who will leave them on the fourth page with a bare minimum campaign based mostly on setting up a keyword rich content which is a good start but won't give the results that will land the site in a long term position in the top five. It really matter of sense that the best content writing across the Web will have far better results.

Design by connection There are website who grants deep links and no of links is essential so the way to build links to all your important pages is through article directories because they allow anywhere from first to sixth links placed in anchor text to take advantage of the keyword. You should gather all URLs that you wanted to link and put them on worksheet with titles for each one and the URLs have to be static for best results so if there are dynamic pages on the site than they should be converted in to static pages and served with proper keywords relating to the page content and each page should presents different keywords and description meta data laid out in the design.

You should prepare articles so that key phrases appear in the writing and they are used for hyperlinks to the page relating to the keywords. In the Articles submission website the resource boxes most of the time fine with two URLs and some are fine with three and others just ask you to use only one link but most logically the home page.

Prepare an article with links and one of them should be pointed to your home page as it is going to be used in every article submission and if there's only one link allowed then simply delete one manually.

The articles should presents from one to three links and the article can be copied on your worksheet three times one with no links the other with 3 links and last one with an alternate three links to different pages to spread out the effect when you rotate them in about 60 article hub directories.

Wherever the two links are ok at that place simply remove the last one manually to save space on your text editor and if this isn't complicated enough then some directories want Word like style which is going to be available into HTML so your resource box options would now be with from one to three links.


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