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An article on how to make money on the internet with no underlining try to sell something to some one just a free article on how to make money on the internet to help people.

How Can I Make Money One The Internet?


Not trying to sell you anything


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First relax, I am not trying to sell you anything or get you to sign up for anything.  I am just providing you with the information and tools to make money on the internet.  Please if you are interested in finding an Internet business I am not going to sell you one.  This is what I am going to do no strings attached - I am not going charge you and I am not going to get you to sign up for any programs.  I am only going to let you know how to find websites that you can make money on so please read this whole article I guarantee you it will help you!  Also at the end of this document is a link that you can down load this in adobe and print it out for easier reading.


Why am I doing this?  Its not for profit I can tell you that, it's because I got tired of all the scams on the internet, I got tired of all the website that are legitimate but not the money makers like they proclaim and they know it they are only trying to make money for themselves and could care less what you do. I am also tired of seeing all the people on the Internet doing it wrong telling people to do it the wrong way and none of them are making any kind of money.  So I will say it again read every thing I have to say and you will make money on the Internet!


So what am I going to tell you?


1.      I will tell you how to find out if an internet site is a scam

2.      I will tell you how to find out if an Internet site is only set up to make money for themselves

3.      I will tell you why you have not made any money on the Internet

4.      I will tell you how you can start out with less than $100 and make money

5.      I will tell you how you can take that less than $100 and turn it into multiple businesses

6.      I will show you the formula for making a lot of money on the internet


Like I said in number six I will show you the formula for making money on the Internet and I will not ask for your address, phone number, your email address, ask you for money or ask you to sign up under me so I can make money off you.  I am doing this for the reason I stated above.  I am spending my own money sending out opt-in emails so people become more aware of what they are doing wrong and why they are not making money.  I know what you are thinking no one gives out information for free what's in it for you?  I will tell you what's in it for me!  If everyone knows the formula to making money on the Internet and not having to spend big money to do it; and if I come to them with a program I think will help make them and me money, I will never have to hear mine is better than your I am making a ton of money and have no time to look at what you have but you should do what I am doing.  Remember that statement you will know why I don't want to hear that latter in this memoir.  So lets get started with this!




Do you have problems trying to determine what website is telling you the truth?  What site is just there to take your money?  And what site is just a complete scam?


You have seen all these sites, get your free web book on how to make money on the internet, make money on our site its FREE and make $5,000 a week in just days.  Low and behold  you didn't make $5,000 a week or it's not really free.  Have you ever-just Cruz around on that site just waiting to get hit with the fee and boom there it is.  It's not really free! 


I know it's not an ethical practices, but they do it anyway.  People any more do not really care about what you make only how they can get their share, weather they hurt anyone or not.


Don't feel discouraged; there are websites out there that really do care if you make money.  There are sites out there that you really can make money on!  But if you are looking for a web business that sets up a website full of product for you and millions of people are going to go to your website and you are going to make thousands a month.  I have some really bad news for you; it's not going to happen.  Why isn't it going to happen for you?  Because there are millions and millions of sites out they’re selling the same product or close to the same product.  Your chance of getting found on the Internet is not very good. 


I am not saying that you can't do it, but you better have a really easy web address to remember and most of those are taken and you better have a lot of money to advertise your site so people will find it.  Just because they find or see your site does not mean they will buy from your site.  It is so unfortunate that so many people are scammers because they have ruined it for the rest of us.  Most people any more only buy from large box stores on the Internet that they are familiar with, because they know they can get their money back, they are familiar with their product and what quality of product they will get.


Don't get discouraged there are businesses you can make money on the Internet, you just have to know what to look for and what type of business.  You can make money on retail Internet stores just don't expect to make thousands and thousands, you have to start locally just advertise the product you are selling in your classified, like local online retail store check us out and support your community go to www.yoursite.com.  But we will get into this later.


So, if you want to make a lot of money in a short period of time and a short period of time is six months to a year, not weeks (as I will show you later in week mean you just got scammed if you bought)!  You have to think outside the box.  Everyone is doing the same thing on the Internet and wondering why they are not making money.  It is so funny how people act and re-act on the Internet.  I have seen this a hundred times or more on the internet, people get so excited about the new program they are doing and they go out thinking they are going to conquer the world.  So they tell everyone about their new program and when someone else says mine is better than yours you should try mine and the other person say no mine is better and I am making a ton of money with my system.  The funny thing is I would bet you that 99% of them are not making hardly an anything.  They are lucky if they are even breaking even, with all the time, effort and advertising they are spending trying to get the word out.


I am going to tell you right now if you think you are going to get rich off one website or program you are fooling yourself!  I find this so ironic you tell some one about a program you are doing and they reply back to you... sorry I am to busy to do your program I am consumed with mine.  I will tell you right now that person will not make any money on the Internet.  They will keep doing what they have been doing working that program it will peter out and then they move on to another program and do the same thing again.  If this is you then you need to break the cycle. Break it now! Or five years from now you will be doing the same thing over and over and then you will give up and say nothing on the Internet is for me.


The Internet is for you, you just have to know how to approach the Internet and if you want to make any money you better start thinking out side the box.  Because trying to run a business on the Internet like a real storefront business (meaning you open up a retail mom and pop store run it for life and don't do anything else) you will never succeed on the Internet I will guarantee you 99.9% of you will fail time and a gain.  There is always that lucky person that just happens to be in the right place at the right time and if you think that will be you then all I have to say to you is when was the last time you won the big jackpot lottery?  Because that is what you are doing but you are spending more money for the Internet lottery ticket than a normal one.


Sites that don't work


So how do you know if a website is a scam or just there to make money for themselves?


1.      If the website says you will make $5,000 a week in days or months - run really fast it will never happen.

2.      If a website makes it a requirement to buy so much product each month run run really fast they are their to make money off you!

3.      If a website says they will drive tons of traffic to your site for little or no money at all run run run they are stealing your money, give it to me if you want to waist your hard earned money I will put it to good use!

4.      If a website says sell our product we will give you a website and submit it to the search engines for free and all you have to do is sit back an wait till the money roles in (not going to happen) if they charge you a monthly fee they are in it to make money for themselves. If they give it to you for a one time fee maybe alright but not when you are first starting out I will show you later what to do with these types of websites.

5.      If a website wants to sell you 1,000,000 emails for under $5,000 they are bad, most won't be real and they definitely will not be opt-in emails - you will be a spammer and could get sued and will possible go to jail. There are instances that you can buy emails and it be legal but you have to be careful I will tell you later what to look for.

6.      If a website wants to drive guaranteed traffic to your site one of two things just happened you just got scammed and they have a program that pings your site no-one really went there.  Or, you know all those pop up window that you hate and click out before the ad ever appears or one that did appear you didn't look at because it made you mad?  Well as soon as that window pops up they count that as one person to your site and you will never make money from advertising on those sites.


I will tell you right now none of those things above will ever work for you, I know you hope they will and think maybe one will if you just find the right one but I am going to say it more than likely not.  I never want to say never because there might be that rare person out there that just got plain flat lucky and won the lottery, but I would be willing to bet that it would be 1 out of 50,000,000.  Do you like those odds?  I know I don't, if you do what I describe everyone of you will make money on the Internet.  The only reason why you won't make money is not because you are stupid but because you are lazy. I know that will make some people mad, but I have this theory that if it makes you made it is probably because you think I am talking about you.  I would only have to say does the shoe fit, and if it does change the cycle don't get mad get motivated and prove me wrong.


Finding a business


If you are looking for a business that you only have to put a few hundred dollars in and sit back and do nothing you will never ever make any money.  All of those websites that are promising that to you are lying to you.  You will always have to work for anything you get.  Do you have to put in thousands and thousands of hours?  No, there are ways to work efficiently there are websites out there that are really really good website that you only have to tell someone and they will sign up.  But they are far and few between and you have to find them at the right time because once they get to big you will not make any big money at them because everyone is doing it.  You can kind of think of the Internet as the California gold rush; at first a lot of people made money and then everyone went there to get rich and it became hard to find any gold.  It is the same with the Internet.  You just have to go out and find a new California's, be one of the first timers and you will make money.


Sounds simpler than it really is because new websites are not in the search engines rankings, so you really have to do a lot of research.  Once you find a website do a little research go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and look the company up.  If you can't find them on their website that is ok that means no one filed a claim against them.  Now remember if you do find a website that has a claim filed against them look at what the person had to say if they show it.  Remember you cannot please everyone so one claim against them may not be bad but 20 shows a trend.  Type in their web URL on yahoo or Google see what comes up, if their business name is different type in their business name too.  If you can find out what the owners name is type that in too, this will tell you a lot.  Either you will find a lot of bad things about them, a lot good things or nothing.  Please remember when using their name on the search that some people have the same names look at were the owner is from, look where the website business is located and where the person that you did the search on is from because they may not be the same person.


The big key when searching for a work at home business, an online business or any business do the research!  The reason I say this is that not all work at home businesses or online businesses are real they are just there to take your money.  I say this from a lot years of making mistakes.  I do not think I am better than you I just think I have been scammed more, taken advantage of more and made more businesses rich and not myself through their programs.  I am not going to name these businesses I am only going to tell you what to look for to spot these businesses.


How to make money on the Internet


Now for the long awaited topic how do you make money on the Internet?  I hope I have not bored you to bad so far, I know a lot of this is dry but needs to be said, so you don't make the mistakes I made.


Here we go, if you are only willing to do one thing on the Internet and just focus on that I will tell you right now you are not going to do that well.  I know you are thinking right now I don't know what I am talking about, so what about all those sites out there making a ton of money.  Here is what I have to say, there are sites out there making a ton of money but I guarantee you that all those sites own more than one site!  Except for the occasional unique site (and they spent a ton of money to get found) and the big boxes (Target, Wal-Mart etc.).  I will not say it is impossible for you to open one site and make a ton of money, but every one of those people who did it... did it with deep pockets and it took them five years to be were they are.  If that is the route you want to go you can do it.  But my site is about people who don't have deep pockets and want to be successful in a year not five.


So this is what I am saying, you are going to need more than one business at a time.  Let me tell you why the Internet is not like a retail store where you open with a small investment and have a chance to make it.  A retail store can be placed in a high traffic location (people are driving by for free you don't have to pay them to drive by your store location) I know you have rent in a retail store (I owned a retail store for six years before I sold it).  But your rent is or could be approximately $1,000 to $4,000 a month depending on where you live.  In a months time (depending on where you live) you have approximately 2-3,000,000 or more people see your storefront. In order to have that much traffic see your store front on the Internet every day it would cost you approximately $1,000 a day, do you have that much to spend I know I didn't. 


A retail store does not have to compete against one million stores, but an Internet store you are competing again a million or more stores.  This makes your chances a lot less of getting found and a lot less of the pie (meaning people that are looking to buy the type of product you are selling).  Now I am not saying that you shouldn't open a product store on the Internet.  I have one and make money at it.  But I didn't start off with the store first (I did but I didn't make any money on it only paid monthly fees and quit) I did a few other things first and then kept adding to my Internet businesses.  So please get the thought out of your head "I already have something I am doing on the Internet so I am not interested in yours".  Look at everything everyone is trying to get you to try.  Use my -- "What types of businesses not to get involved in" and if it does not pass the test then ignore them don't get involved.  If it does pass the test, I am not say jump on board right now but write it down, take a look at it do a little research on it and if it looks good book mark it. Depending what step you are on you may be ready for it or it may be a while but you can always come back to it and see if it is still a good idea when you are ready.  Does this make sense?  I will tell you down bellow what the steps are in becoming successful on the Internet.


Just to recap a little we have learned what businesses to avoid, we have learned we need to think outside the box when it comes to the internet and we have learned at all costs do not treat your online business like you would treat a regular store front business on the street (by doing this you are thinking out side the box). 


The meat


Now we are going to dive into what the key to becoming successful on the Internet for under $100.  The first thing we need to look for is a young business that is starting out and not one that everyone is doing (remember the gold rush, we want to create our own gold rush).  What type of young business should we look for?  First we need to find a business that does not require you to sell any product (eventually we will look for businesses that has product to sell just not first off) and costs very little to join preferably under $50.  So first we are looking for a business under $50 that does not sell product, what type of business is this you might be saying?  This type of business is a business that pays people to refer other people to their website. I know I know you are say you are not going to get rich off this type of site.  No you are not but you are going to be able to pay to open other websites and pay for advertising with out having to use your own money!  Are you starting to see the logic in that now? 


We want to find a site that pays us for sending them referrals there are many different types of businesses out there that do this but we need to take a look at why would people want to signup for that site? So we need to qualify that site do they give people a good reason to signup?  Also you need to look at how much a website is paying you to send people to signup.  What we are looking for here is a site that you can tell your friends, family, people on the street, and maybe run a classified ad or two in the thrifty nickel or similar type paper.  I know you can go to sites that have affiliate programs and find businesses that pay you for referrals but we are not going to do this yet wrong step we don't want those types of website.  The type of websites that we are looking for are websites that pay people for referrals and when you refer someone and they get someone else to signup as well they pay you again.


What we are looking for are website that pay like an MLM but are not MLM's like www.directmatches.com they are a website that does this but I am not saying signup for them the gold rush is already over with them.  They are too big now to make any real money this was one of those website that I started off with quite a while ago.  But we need to find a website like that.  I will give you a lead one of the sites that I am going to get involved with in the next month or so is www.helpingoneanothernow.com now if this site is burned up by the time I am ready to start my step program over again then I will find another one.  I would suggest you check this site out they are new and ready for a gold rush (you will note that there is no affiliate number attached to that address I gave you because I told you I was not going to sell you anything or push anything one you).  You don't have to use this website you can find another one but it needs to be similar to this one.  I just wanted to give you a few examples of what you need to look for. 


Now why do we start off with this type of website?  Let me show you, if you got in with directmatches.com you would pay around $40 a month and could make money in levels sending people to them.  By levels I mean for every person you send them you make 10% and everyone they refer you make 10%.  The only down side is you have to pay them $40 a month.  But that seems to be about the norm.  Now let me show you something here say a business will to pay you a $1 for everyone you signup and they will pay you 5 levels deep (I am using a dollar because it is easy five levels deep means that they will pay you for everyone you signup, they signup, they sign up five times) you signup 15 people and make $15 dollars.  Out of those 15 people 9 people signup an average of 10 people so you just made another $90.  So it's easy we will say that out of those second people being 90, 40% of those people signup an average of 10 people each four levels deep (since we are starting on the second level of referrals) you would make a total of $7,765.  So now what we would do is keep doing this over and over.  Do not spend this money


Just off the first time we did this we made close to 10,000 contacts and have that many email addresses. As we keep doing this over and over again so our contacts keep building.  This is when we want to move on and go out and find a single product line.  Something that is popular right now like what I did was a diet product.  One of the diet products that I did was the apple patch diet.  What I did was took my contacts and sent it out to them and said not that any of you need it but take a look at this. I made sales off doing that. As my list built I would market that product to them.  I would also market them selling it getting referrals off that and making money off that. I would also use some of the money above to advertise the product to people.  Be wise remember that you have to pay taxes on the money you make so don't go crazy with all the new money.  You might find yourself worse off when you started.


Now my cash flow is growing and I go out and find a cheap MLM that does not require me to buy their product every month (keep in mind we are using the list of companies to stay away from) and I market that MLM to my contacts as well.  My cash flow is growing again and I am using some of the money to send out emails real opt-in emails from companies that cost more than $90 to email 600,000 people.  Keep in mind here to find a legitimate email company they will not post their costs on their Internet site.  If you buy your own emails make sure they are from companies that are selling opt-in emails that people requested that they be sent the exact information you are selling.  If they ask for business opportunity emails and you send them product emails you are spamming them.


Now that I have money flowing from my three Internet businesses I am going to open a retail product business. I have people who trust me that I built up contacts with through the first business and people I got in the second business and the third business.  So I am going to tell them about my new retail store I just opened.  The retail store I opened if you don't build it yourself you need to make sure the store you are marketing has an affiliate program.  Not one that signs up for the company you are selling product for but an affiliate program that people can signup for your site, sell your product and you pay them a commission for everything they sell.  That way you have thousands of people selling for you. 


Once you have these four businesses going at the same time, you are not going to drop any of them keep trying to get people signing up for the first business because that keeps giving you new resources to market your three other businesses to.  Once the first business gets to big and dries up then goes out and finds a new one just like it. You just became like the companies you first started out with.


See how easy that was!  I will say this only one more time because I want to see you succeed at this and if you do this you will make money on the internet and you will make a lot of money doing this.  I strongly suggest that you take a look at www.helpingoneanothernow.com like I said before they are brand new they charge only a one-time $38 fee to signup instead of a monthly fee.  They pay $5 a referral instead of $1 and they pay seven levels deep instead of five so you can see what you would make.  This will help get your other Internet businesses.  They also give you a network marketing site to go to like www.directmatches.com but the $38 buys you a life time membership and gives you another resource to market your businesses.  Once you are working the first site and it starts to dry up try to find another one just like that one. Just keep replacing the first step to help you grow your other three businesses (you will always keep these three businesses its just the first one that you will have to replace from time to time).  Also do not be afraid to add more retail product site to your collection of businesses.  I currently have 9 and growing.  It just depends on how much work you want to put in and how much money you want to make.  If you do this and put in a full effort not being embarrassed to talk to everyone you will be able to retire in 5-10 years!


The steps to making money


  1. Find a business like www.helpingoneanothernow.com or use www.helpingoneanothernow.com once you start making money on this one use that money and continue on to step two

  2. Find a single product website that has a product that is popular like some type of vitamin or diet like apple patch diet market this site to the contact that you got in step one, take some of the money you have made and advertise both sites.  Once you start making even more money in step one and two continue on to step three

  3. Find a MLM that does not make you buy their product every month or ever market this site to your contacts in step one and two.  When as the money keeps coming in use that money to market your businesses in step one, two and three

  4. Find a full blown product site like something with over 500 products (you want diversity for different people). Tell your contacts in step one, two and three about your new venture.  When more cash flow comes in use it to invest in more advertising for steps one, two, three and four.  

  5. Once step one dries up find another one like it

  6. Once your cash flow is freely coming in you may think about opening more product stores open as many as you can afford do not over spend.  This will only hurt your other businesses because you will not be able to properly advertise them and your revenue will decrease


If you follow these six steps and work hard at it you will make a lot of money I am talking six figures and more!




For the whole article go to www.beau-dog.com

address b1han@yahoo.com


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