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Submitted by Jeremy Cobb | Category: Search Engines | Published on Nov 29, 2005
With linking taking a back seat in Google, a new strategy is needed.

For those of you with your ear to the search engines, you may have heard some rumors regarding linking. Some say linking is a thing of the past. This can be no further from the truth.

Search engine spiders follow links from site to site. So links a thing of the past? I think not.

I do feel that linking has less effect than it has in past years. There are many reasons I feel linking is taking a decline in the SEO arena. First, irresponsible webmasters are linking to anything that has a domain name. Youíve all had requests from a Viagra or Phentermine site asking for a link. This disrespect for theme relation is creating link farms across the entire web. Which brings me to the next reason why linking in sinking.

Link farms can take many different forms. Some sites offer hundreds of links to your site for just one from you. Others just have thousands of links. Only small handfuls are reciprocal. The rest are just heading out to various sites doing nothing but detriment for the associated site.

With these and other concerning issues that may collaborate in the decline in link popularityís weight in the search engines, there are some measures you can take to ensure your position.

First, maintain tight theme relation to your site when accepting link partners. Next keep your link directory very organized. Keep the outbound links to a minimum. If they donít want to link to you then take them out! You donít need thousands of links. You need quality over quantity.

Now this strategy, simple as it sounds will not only build your siteís popularity, but will also build popularity to specific pages in your site. You will also receive more targeted traffic from partner sites that you would from your partnersí ghost town link directory.

Ok hereís how it works. If your site has a page that sells balloons but you donít sell helium tanks, that the natural choice for a link partner is a helium distributor. So a link from coordinating link directories is prudent. In addition to this link offer a link from your balloon page to their helium page, and request a link from that page to your balloon page. Is this making sense yet? Your traffic to your balloon page will go to your partnersí page for all there helium needs, and vice versa.

You now have targeted traffic to a single page of your site and you have the same to offer your partner. The twist is you now have a link pointing to your balloon page that is building that pages link popularity. The page itself now has a better chance of dominating the search results for your chosen keywords.

So how do you get other webmasters to do this? Start by utilizing your current link partners. The older the better when it comes to partners. They know you are a good site, they trust you, and they know you have been around the block a few times.

Make sure you have your ducks in a row. Make sure you know how to add the link. Put there link up first. Give them a title and description to the link on your page. Tie the description to a cross promotion idea like ďdonít forget to fill your balloons with high quality heliumĒ.

Email the webmaster. Let them know what you are doing and why. Pass on this article if necessary. Give them your traffic stats, alexa ranking, page rank, and any other ideas you have to help promote each others site.

In short get an associate page link with as many quality partners as possible. However do not make link farms with associate pages. Make the offer inviting by not having more than three partners per page.

By Jeremy Cobb


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