How to Use Free Articles to Create Massive Traffic Within Minutes From Hundreds of Article Directories Sites?

Submitted by Brian Lam | Category: Technology | Published on Jun 23, 2006
This article is all about how you can shorten the time taken to submit your articles by using some online tools to help reduce your time by hours or even days. Thus enable you to focus your time to market your business for more profits.

You are spending hours writing and submitting your free articles to those article directories hoping that it will gain you more exposure. But there is just not enough time for you to manually handle so many submissions to make even a slight significant difference to your traffic counters.

So what should you do? You should use a software to help you with submitting those articles you had put so much effort into creating. An article submission software can become a part of your life if you are an article writer as it drastically reduce the time needed to submit your articles to the directories to gain those back links to your website.

This is especially so if you have hundreds of directory sites to submit. With that many directories to submit to, hours or even worse, days are wasted just repeating a boring routine of articles submission. However, what if you can turn those wasted hours into productive time that can boost your income and still get your article submitted in less than half the time? Wouldn't that be great? Back links to your sites are difficult and time consuming to get. Plus most often it requires you to contact other webmasters and put up a joint venture offer to them.

When I started out I tried to get one-way links to my website when I submit my own free articles to article directories. But it was too overwhelming for me when that task turned from a few minutes work to hours of work!

This was before I had my own article submission software which reduce that time to minutes of work and I still get hundreds of one-way back links to my website permanently. An article submission software will automatically submit your articles to hundreds or even thousands of article directories and still include your resource box which contains your all important one-way back link to your main website.

All this is done in a matter of minutes once it has been set up properly in a few minutes. With so much exposure at a short time, you will be able to generate significant amount of traffic to your website.

This will get you 5 great results instantaneously.

  1. Since Google sees back links as an indication of an "important" site, the your Google site ranking will increase.
  2. The more people who read your article and clicked back to your main website, the more traffic the site received. Alexa ranks sites based upon traffic, so you benefited that way as well.
  3. You will be able to establish yourself as an expert in that particular subject matter in the shortest period possible.
  4. You will have more chances of increasing your opt-in list of subscribers with more traffic and thus increasing your first-time and repeat sales.
  5. Finally, you can build another income source directly from putting in Google AdSense on your website and as your traffic builds from your articles back links, you will earn revenue whenever visitors come and clicked on them.

But there is some problem with article submission softwares.

  • The free ones were a joke. They were little more than thinly-disguised SPAM machines that would eventually get you banned from the best article sites.
  • The moderately priced ones seemed okay, but they lacked the professional features that I was looking for.
  • The top-notch ones had everything that I was looking for but they were way too expensive for my blood. Some of them even wanted to charge me $35 or MORE just to submit ONE ARTICLE!

I believe that most of us will set a criteria for searching a perfect article submission software for our requirements. Below is the criteria which I have personally found to be useful as a guide to follow when searching for one.

  1. Ability to auto-fill to submit to those article sites as well as manually fill up if you wanted.
  2. Ability to edit and/or remove any Article Directory submissions sites that is in the software's database.
  3. Ability to store all the required information to properly submit my articles to the right category as if the article is submitted manually.

So by using this guidelines, I have finally found what I wanted that fits exactly what is in my criteria.

Therefore, submitting articles is a great way to get back links to your sites but it will take up too much time if not done properly. And by using an article submission software, you not only will save time, effort and money but you will be able to use those saved time to make more profits.

Selecting the suitable article submission software also requires a criteria consisting of 3 key points to take note. So if you want more information about this great article submitter that fits into the criteria above, you might like to visit this web page to take a good look at it. It is at:


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