Article Marketing - When Will I Get More Traffic?

Submitted by Steve Shaw | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Jul 17, 2010
This article provides realistic answers to commonly asked questions related to driving traffic to a brand new website or newly marketing an existing website. If you're new to article marketing, you need to read this article.

Article marketing newbies ask that question a lot--"When will I start to get more traffic?" As you're just starting out, there are some mental and emotional hurdles to overcome. If you don't manage your expectations wisely, you can set yourself up for disappointment. I've taken some of the most frequently asked questions/concerns related to marketing a brand new website or newly trying to drive traffic to an existing website.

Hopefully reading these questions and answers will help you to be realistic in what you can expect and allow you to focus on reaching your long term goals.

Question 1: I've just started marketing my website. Can I see immediate results by using Article Marketing or any other type of online marketing tool?

Answer: While you may see some initial traffic coming from the articles themselves (people reading the articles and clicking the link in your resource box), do not expect to receive a steady flow of traffic right off the bat. You will not submit 1, 2, 3 or even a dozen articles and experience the results that article marketing is capable of.
Why? Article marketing is a long term marketing tool. The primary way that it drives traffic to a website is through an increase in search engine ranking. Ideally, the longer you market your website, the higher your search engine ranking will rise.

As your search engine ranking rises higher and higher, you receive more traffic. So, when you're doing article marketing (or any other type of website marketing), the idea is to focus on changing your search engine ranking. Any burst of traffic that you receive from a single article will likely fade pretty quickly, but an elevated search engine ranking has a longer effect. With marketing your website, the idea is to build an enduring source of traffic that continues to build over the lifetime of your website. Don't get caught up in results from a single article -- focus on the big picture.

Question 2: How does Article Marketing impact my search engine ranking?

Answer: When someone types in your keyword terms into Google, they are greeted with a list of results that are organized in order of those most likely to satisfy the search terms at the top. So, the top ranking site in the results list has the best chance of providing you with what you're looking for, by Google's estimation.

How does Google decide which sites have the best chance of satisfying the user's search terms?
Google tries to determine the authority of a website. One of the main ways that they make this determination is through calculating the number of back links coming into a site. By increasing the number of back links to your site, you can impact your search engine ranking. This is where article marketing comes in: each article that you submit will contain a resource box (author bio) that also contains a link back to your website.

Every time your article (your free reprint article) is reprinted, your resource box is also reprinted, gaining you a back link to your site. Article marketing builds links -- this is a key component to influencing your search engine ranking.

Question 3: How long does it take to see results on my search engine ranking?

With this question, we are all at the mercy of the time lines of Google and the other search engines. Usually, Google will re-visit a website every 3-4 months to re-calculate the links. If you site is brand new, however, it needs to be indexed first, so for a brand new site it can take 5 months or so to see an impact from your initial efforts. So, when you submit an article the links are not calculated immediately--it will likely be 3-4 months before your new back links show up in Google (longer if your site is brand new).

Question 4: I am seriously interested in doing article marketing--how do I go about this?

It's pretty simple: 

  • Submit articles consistently over the long term. Submitting 8 articles a month per site is sufficient.
  • Do not expect immediate results--know that you will not see your initial results until you have been consistently submitting articles for 3-4 month on an existing site, or at least 5 months on a brand new site. 

Article marketing is a popular and time proven tool for driving traffic to a website, but you need to have realistic expectations when you're just starting out. Article marketing is a long term marketing tool--when you're beginning, keep that in mind and plan on integrating article submissions into your marketing plan for the lifetime of your website.


Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and founder of the popular article submission service used by thousands of business owners. Discover how to use the power of article marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects for your website.


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