Article Marketing Strategy: What Is Your Favourite Writing Location?

Submitted by Steve Shaw | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Apr 25, 2012
Have you ever considered how big a role your writing location plays in your article marketing strategy?

Have you ever considered how big a role your writing location plays in your article marketing strategy?

Stone bridge The place where we write is something that we can take for granted. Many of us just sit at our desks to write day after day, month after month.

This is not necessarily a bad thing--many professional writers take the same strategy.

Stephen King, for example, has a writing routine where he writes at the same time of day, in the same location, listening to familiar music, sitting in the same chair, and with desk top papers arranged in the same way.

The familiarity of the routine helps him get into a mindset that is conducive to writing.

Maybe you are the same way, but I challenge you to experiment with your writing location to see if there might be other situations that stimulate your creativity.

If you are used to always working in a quiet and isolated location, try putting yourself in a busy and populated area to write.

If you are used to always writing in public, try carving out a little private nook where you can try writing in solitude and peace.

No matter how experienced a writer you are, no matter if your ideas are flowing or if the creative well has run dry--you can benefit from switching up your writing location.

Here are some suggestions for creative places to write:

1 - Try writing some articles offline using a pen and paper (you know, the old fashioned way to write!) You will be using different parts of your brain, and you may tap into a different type of creativity than you are used to experiencing.

2 - Take your laptop to the library and write from there. Are you used to writing in a quiet and isolated place, but want to switch things up a bit? The library is the perfect balance of quiet and busy. It's not so bustling that it is distracting, but it is foreign enough to get some adrenaline going, which can increase your creativity.

3 - Write from an eating establishment, such as a coffee house, cafe, or restaurant. This works best if you go during off hours, when tables are not at a premium.

4 - Ditch the computer and the pen and paper and go completely audio! Try dictating your articles into a recorder and then play them back and type them up. It may help to use an outline so you won't go off on a tangent, but dictating articles might produce more spontaneity in your ideas and article structure. Also, your phrasing might sound more conversational, and you may accomplish a different tone. Some business people may be used to dictating letters, but most people have never dictated anything before. It's something to play with and get used to.

I hope this article has helped convince you that WHERE you write can influence WHAT you write and HOW EASILY you write.

Especially if you are in a writing slump or are bored with your same old routine, a change can do you good.

What are some ways that you can experiment with your writing location?


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