An Overview of Various Elements Used in Website Design

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Web Services | Published on Nov 15, 2010
A very good navigation system has the ability to enhance the numbers of visitors and in turn can increase revenue or whatever it is your site is designed to do and make your website more successful.

Web surfers are always going to be an impatient group and if a website is difficult to figure out due to the links are not obvious then they will go away and never come back.

Website navigation system is always going to be one of the most essential elements in determining the effectiveness of a website and this article discus the basic principle of designing website navigation. To be very effective website navigation you must first and foremost make sure that it appeals to the average person and there is always room for creativity and well-designed websites tend to have similar navigation layouts.

A web master must always keep this thing in mind that the fundamental idea of the website and the intended audience while designing navigational elements. Of all the website exist the most of the websites live to either provide information to the visitor about a products or services to actually sell them therefore there are some basic guidelines to follow: You have to make sure that the entire navigational elements are going to be intelligently linked by using standard methods and elements of links such as buttons, menus, underlining the text or changing color on mouse and you also need to stay away the temptation to use clever or ambiguous names for links.

If you have opted for entirely different or somewhat different links then expressly inform the audience that this is a link if you design a web page where you want to use a map showing several different regions and want to let the user click on the city name to pull up information about that city. Here you need to make sure that you have informed well in advance to the user to click on the city name to get more information about that city. You always need to remember and need to follow the basic rule of three clicks that most of the professional web professionals use.

Survey and studies have shown that most of the users will not click more than three or maximum four links to get to the required information they want so every page on your website should be reachable within couple of clicks. Many experts suggest not embed a flash file on your website and need to stay away from it so keep the web page design simple yet attractive but if you do decide to use one then make certain that you use the Meta Refresh tag because this will help to direct audience instantly to your home page after couple of seconds and facilitate a clickable and very well defined buttons so the visitor can omission the entry page and go directly to your website home page else a huge number of visitors will just go away and will never return so remember that most visitors are looking for information not for fun.


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