An email server SMTP for your business spells growth

Submitted by Rio Lee | Category: Email | Published on Mar 21, 2012
Having a personal SMTP relay server for your business means growth for your business since you can send bulk emails to clients and customers for online marketing.

The concept of email marketing is an extremely useful strategy for businesses. It is cheap and has a huge reach. You can not only market your business by sending bulk emails to prospective clients as well as existing ones informing them about a new development in the company or other things, but can actually communicate with individual clients and customers. But email marketing too has its own conditions and effects. You cannot send emails through normal mail servers that are usually used by people all over the world, like gmail and yahoo. The reason is that these mail servers are not suited to send a few thousand emails from a single user as there are possibly millions of users using their services everyday.

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The solution for the above problem is a personal email server SMTP for your business emailing. Setting up a business email server SMTP is quite easy and maintaining it too does not require much hassle. But then again, there are things that you need to keep in mind even when you have your own email server SMTP for sending bulk emails. If you send emails indiscreetly, there are certain problems you might notice. Some emails are not getting delivered and the numbers are increasing everyday. The problem might not lie with your SMTP relay server but with the way you conduct your email marketing campaign. There can be several reasons for the emails not being delivered, before spending a hefty amount on the repair of your SMTP relay server, make sure you investigate the actual cause.

One reason for your emails not getting delivered might be that your email id might have been blocked by the senders. To avoid this happening, it is advised that you do not send your bulk email too frequently. Another bigger reason might be that the IP of your SMTP relay server might have been categorized as spam because of the same above mentioned reason. Make sure your bulk email sending rate does not cross the threshold limit set by the ISP. Another thing that you need to look after is the content of your mail. If the content is offending to the recipients and a complaint is made against you, your email will be blocked and your email server SMTP then will be useless anyhow. If you follow the above guidelines though, having an SMTP relay server would help your business grow.


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