Five Knockout Affiliate Tips

Submitted by Nicholas Dixon | Category: General Interest | Published on Nov 25, 2005
Here are five “hook em in the jaw” affiliate tips that really work. Implement them and see how well they work for you.

Here are five “hook em in the jaw” affiliate tips that reallywork. Implement them and see how well they work for you. 

  1. Develop a positive and realistic mindset. Do you believe thatyou can get rich quick or that your business will take time togrow? Those who believe in the online hype are the ones whonormally lose. Think positive and know in your heart you can earnan income from your efforts.
  2. Too much information or the lack of it can be dangerous. Notusing the knowledge that you have gain can stop your businessfrom getting off the ground and not having the right informationcan have the same effect.
  3. Market your programs with Google Adwords. This is a powerfulstrategy you can use and as long as you earn more in commissionsthan your PPC costs, then you are getting something for nothing.
  4. Write your own ads, articles and reviews instead of thepre-formatted ones offered by affiliate programs. This will setyou apart from all the other affiliates in the same program.
  5. Make sure your affiliate program matches the content of yourwebsite or newsletter. If you have marketing content then youshould promote marketing products on that page. Think of it likematching ads to the page content like the way Adsense does. Theremay a few exceptions to the rule though, even Adsense does itsome time. There you go.

A few tips to help you with your affiliate programswhether you are looking for your first check or to boost yourcurrent earnings.
Try them all or even a couple and test andtrack your results. I am sure Lennox Lewis would be proud of yourhooks and jabs  © Oceanroc Web

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