How to Make More Money from your Website with New Cutting Edge Advertising

Submitted by Cascia Talbert | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Brand new software program creates cutting edge advertisements for affiliates, small business owners and webmasters. Introducing Peel Away Ads! Avoid those pop up blockers and have your customers interact with your advertisements.
As an affiliate marketer I am always looking for newer better ways to promote my products. I have discovered the most cutting edge, newest, incredible software that will help anyone get more sales. You can use it to promote affiliate programs, or to sell advertising space on your website. This article will explain in detail the software program and how it will solve all your website advertising problems. Consumers are getting tired of seeing the same old advertisements all the time, from billboard signs, to annoying radio and TV ads. Online it is the same thing. They are bothered by those nasty pop up ads. So some genius came up with the pop up blocker. Now you as an affiliate marketer, webmaster or business owner are struggling to get those few clicks on your pop up ads. So what is the solution for you? Richard Osterude and Harris Fellman have introduced Peel Away Ads. Peel Away Ads originally was only available to big corporations but now they have made it available to the general public. This creative little software program puts the advertisement as a small animated peel in the corner of your website. The customer gets so intrigued by this and just has to “peel away” the ad. You can also plug in different ads and they will be rotated on your website. This is great for promoting more than one affiliate program or for selling advertising space. I have used this tool and after one day my affiliate sales have gone up 25%. If you are looking to get more sales with your website or you are just frustrated with your pop up ads then you must get this software. For more information on the software or to purchase a copy before the price goes up please visit my blog:


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