Advanced Techniques in Internet Security - The bootable compact disc

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This is an advanced article and not for the novice computer user. This deals with removing and scanning one's computer outside of the normal operating system procedure.

This is an advanced article and not for the novice computer user. This deals with removing and scanning one's computer outside of the normal operating system procedure. It requires a higher level of technical know how that the average internet security procedure.

When a computer has been compromised, its operating system can no longer function. Usually, the operating system is stored in the primary hard drive or primary partition of a computer, when your computer goes down, the user's personal files might still be in the computer, but it can't be accessed because the methods to do so (the operating system) has chosen to go on a vacation. This can be fixed by using a bootable compact disc.

A bootable compact disc is a first-aid kit of sorts, except that it doesn't heal human beings, it fixes computers. It involves using another operating system to circumvent the problem that the original operating is having. The operating system inside the disc will control the computer and will scan the computer to remove the malware infection. This is a part of the standard kit a computer technician should have whenever he/she has to fix security issues and the like.

There are several sites to download bootable rescue discs, all of which can be seen once the term "bootable rescue disc" is entered into a search engine query. Once one reaches the website, he/ she can choose which types of tools he/she will be using. Some bootable discs contain tens of tools for more than just security - hard drive testing, memory testing, graphics card testing, and the like. Some offer the addition of drivers so the user can connect to the Internet even while using the other operating system. Some antivirus manufacturers have also chosen to create their own flavor of bootable discs in order to assist their customers. The great thing about these developments is that even if you don't own the full version of the antivirus software, you can also download and write them onto a disc!

After downloading the necessary materials in order to create a bootable disc, the next step would be to burn them onto the disc itself. Ideally, one should buy some of the higher-end discs and make 2 copies of the bootable discs - one to take with the computer wherever one goes, and the other to be put in a safe place in the house. Read the instructions on how to copy the data onto the disc itself because there might be added contingencies due to the differing nature of the disc. When the disc has been burned, it's time to exit out and turn off the computer. Enter the system BIOS and choose to boot from the optical disc drive. Put in the disc and wait for the disc to load. Since optical drives are slower than hard drives then be prepared to wait for a couple of minutes every time something is being read. It's all worth it, though, to recover the files that are important to one's self.


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