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Submitted by Johnnie Echolee | Category: Web Services | Published on Sep 05, 2010
To have a website selling your products you need to create the product, build a website with a sales page with html or javascript and add graphics, take payments, package the product, etc.

Have you thought of selling products from your own website? That may be a great idea to implement. There are just a few things you need to do before your website can be up and running. The first thing you need to have is a product. The product can be digital or concrete such as a computer.

Then you need to have a plan as to where your products will come from. If it is going to be a digital product it can be an e-book or software. The challenge then becomes creating the product. If you are planning on writing an e-book there is software that can help you put it together. you can also download attractive graphics from the internet or from software that will create a great-looking product. If it is going to be a product such as computers then you will need a supplier.

There are several websites you can visit to find a suitable dropshipper which will handle all the packaging, shiping and customer service for you. There is also the option of creating your own products to sell over the internet. Maybe you are an artist and you like to place your works on products such as t-shirts. In that case you can have the responsibility of placing the picture on the shirt, packaging it and shipping it yourself if this is something you are dreaming of at the moment. After you have chosen a product you will need a website. The website will require a sales page and pretty graphics for it. This can present a problem for you if you have no experience with HTML or JavaScript to write your page. You also may not be a graphic designer to create a beautiful website with the appropriate pictures. It is possibile for you to hire someone to write your copy for you and a graphic designer to create the graphics, but it will cost you a little money.

After your website is ready to be put up on the internet, you will need to have a hosting website. A popular example is the website Godaddy. You can set up an account with this website to host your own website. You will also need to buy a domain name which your customers will use to go to your website. Then you will be ready to drive traffic to your website. To do this you can place ads on Google Adwords.

You will need to place a bid on the keywords you believe people will use to find products like yours and place your ad which will show up in search engine results. The thing is that this can be an expensive proposition for small marketers with small budgets. All of that is a lot of work!

You may not be ready for it and unqualified to do any of it. This can be fact and you can still have a store on the World Wide Web. There is a course that will help you build a store and have it up in less time than you could do it yourself. It can also help you drive traffic to your website without paying for expensive keywords on Google.


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