What is the 98% Solution?

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So what is the 98% Solution? When you find it your life will be forever altered. It takes you from being a statistic of those who fail in home business to those who succeed, read on to find IT....

Is it the Matrix? Is it somehow tied to Pareto and his ingenious 80/20 rule? Most importantly, can you decipher the code and crack the 98% solution?

Some answers you must find for yourself, but we do all live in a matrix of our own creation.our own mind. The actions you take are governed by the dominant beliefs and values in your head.

When you become aware of this matrix you have created you become very powerful. If it is serving you results other than what you want go in and change it.

Let's talk for a moment about Google's 70% solution. Much has been said about it. For the uninitiated it is this:

-Focus 70% of your time on activities that directly pay you the lion's share of your income (in Google's case "core search").

-Focus 30% of your time on innovation and new product development.

This is an invaluable insight you can start using today. But what is the 98% solution as it pertains to you?

Imagine this scene like something straight out of a movie. There is a man walking all alone in the middle of this vast expanse that is a desert wasteland. There is nothing and no one as far as the eye can see.

His shoulders are slumped forward, head looking down toward the ground, he is beaten and broken. He searches but for what we know not.

All the grains of sand all around him will not quench his thirst. There is a dry, suffocating heat all around him that stalks his spirit like a mongoose on a King Cobra.

And then as if by magic he sees 3 Oasis- on the desert horizon. He immediately perks up and begins running toward them (though very slow due to his exhaustion and dehydration).

-The 1st one he gets to is a mirage, nothing more than the same old sand. He gets very discouraged.

-The 2nd one is a false oasis with water unfit to drink. He dips in anyway to the dirty water and it tastes foul.

-The 3rd one is his salvation pure, clean thirst-quenching drinking water at last.

So who is this man and why am I telling you his tale? Because he is YOU! The desert sand is your friends, family and other uninterested parties the gurus tell you to go after. This desert sand won't quench your thirst for business success and sales. It definitely can't be deposited into your bank account.

The suffocating heat and dryness are your competition in your chosen business field. They are also the other non-competing businesses seeking your target people's attention. It is a dog-eat-dog world and you must outmaneuver these 2 forces to win.

-The 1st oasis mirage is you seeing what you want to see. This supports your current mental state. It is the easiest solution closest to you.

-The 2nd oasis are false prophets and scamsters telling you what to believe to get you to open your wallet so they can take what they want without giving to you. Also, the gurus who tell you of instant wealth with zero effort.

-The 3rd oasis is your holy grail. It is the true solution that people with integrity will show you. If you decide to accept the offer it saves your life (or business in this case).

We have all heard the horrifying, gory stat that 98% of people who start a home business fail. So what is the 98% solution? It is finding the true oasis and dipping into the pure drinking water. In your business it is MARKETING.

You fish in ponds of hungry fish who want the bait you have. You can do this through the internet very easily. Think of the search terms people who want what you have would use to find you and then setup a page to capture their imagination and attention.

Then of course you follow-up and show them why your business is an excellent choice for them and give them the opportunity to work with you and have access to your expertise.

Clint Evans - mentor, leads and marketing coach. My system is: simple enough for a 10 year old, fast enough for you, effective like a lion on a 3-legged antelope.

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