3 Ingredients for Online Business Success

Submitted by Craig Friesen | Category: General Interest | Published on May 07, 2006
What does it take to earn real income online with your business? Discover three key ingredients to achieve success with your home based or small business.
Earning money online does not just happen overnight unless you are an instinctive guru or simply very lucky. For most Internet entrepreneurs, online business success comes with a good dose of the right ingredients. Like most recipes there are variations which achieve pleasing results - but at the core are some basic and common ingredients. Here then are 3 ingredients that can help to achieve the desired online business success:

1) Determination. This is probably true for achieving any goal in life but it certainly is required for most people to do well at earning money online. Call it willpower, grit, or stubbornness, determination is the desire to reach a goal in spite of any obstacles standing in the way. Determined Internet entrepreneurs do not give up even in the face of failure or huge odds but continue to strive for their desired online business success.

2) Ability to Learn. A popular response to adversity is the 2-word phrase, "stuff happens." It is the acceptance that not everything in life goes as planned or anticipated. Few Internet entrepreneurs achieve their online business goals without some bumps along the way. What separates them from the rest is the ability to learn from those events. For some people failure is a roadblock that stops all progress and brings many to simply give up. If you want to attain your goals, however, you need to see failure as an opportunity to learn.

3) Patience. Patience is more than a virtue - it is an important ingredient for online business success. I suppose impatience could drive an Internet entrepreneur's determination to achieve their goal. Most people, however, would experience impatience as the motivation for making foolish or risky business decisions. Being patient, on the other hand, means waiting for results even if it takes longer than hoped. It should not be seen as apathy but rather as strength of character and the belief that together with other ingredients success will be achieved. Combined with determination, patience is a powerful ingredient for the Internet entrepreneur seeking online business success. Patience, determination, and the ability to learn are key ingredients to finding the online business success that eludes many. There are other important ingredients to throw into the mixture, of course, but include these three and you have the makings of a great recipe!

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