10 Reasons to Reevaluate Your Website and SEO

Submitted by Antonio Pedro | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Jan 19, 2011
Not in the mood to make changes to your company’s website? These ten reasons might change your mind.

1.  The most important reason to reevaluate your website is to find what’s wrong with it.  It doesn’t take a group of SEO experts to explain to you why it’s better you find that misspelled word or broken link before one of your customers does.   Also, outdated information can cause all kinds of problems for your business.  
2.  The second most important reason to take a look at your website is to meet your goals concerning your customers.  Whether it’s to make a sale or get someone to request a quote from you, once they’ve done what you want, your website has served its purpose.  If you are not meeting those goals, something is wrong.  Good SEO consultants can help you figure out what is not working.  
3.  A website should never be an afterthought or an accessory, it should be an asset.  Do you take your website seriously when it comes to your business?  If not, it might be time to start.  
4.  When a customer lands on your website, that website is representing you and your business.  It may be the only knowledge that person has of your company.  Do you want that image to be unorganized, unattractive, and boring?  If not, it’s time to call SEO consultants and a graphic designer, or someone who can do both.  
5.  You should always want to increase traffic to your website, no matter how much you are already getting.    Do have a plan for this?  Do you have SEO experts on hand or do you rely more on word of mouth?  
6.  You should also analyze how long a person stays on your website once they land there.  Do the leave with 30 seconds or do they stick around to learn more?  Are they leaving because your website is complicated and unappealing or are they leaving for other reasons?  
7.  Does your website suit your visitors’ needs?  As all SEO experts will tell you, you need to know who your target audience is.  Is it someone who is very old or young?  Is it someone with a disability?  Is it someone who accesses your website on the go?  These will help you determine what changes might need to be made to your website.  
8.  You should always get a second opinion on your website.  Try some SEO consultants – not your best friend.  
9.  If you are spending lots of money on your website, shouldn’t it be making money for you in return?   You need to figure out a way to test your investment.
10.  Finally, there are internet standards that need to be met to make sure your website works in any capacity.  If it’s not Firefox friendly but it does work on Internet Explorer, you might have a problem.  


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