10 Hints When Choosing A New Web Host

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Many people are developing website today, it does not only happen in a night or day, developing a website takes much hard work and patience during the many weeks to get a website they desire it to be and it's still improving day by day.

Here are some hints that should be taken in mind when selecting a new website hosting provider: -

Web Hosting Servers 1) Make sure that the new website hosting plans give the storage/disk space capabilities to handle all of the current site storage requirements. If the size of site is 50MB, then you should check whether the plan that offers lots of space. If you're not capable to make an estimate of space required, you should ask your current Web Hosting Services. This information can also be found on the control panel.

2) You also check how does his/her current hosting provider determine the amount of disk space/storage used for? It is necessary to determine what your current and new web host includes in the plan's disk space amount also you should determine are her/his emails server and log files counted towards her/his total disk space, o the web files only?


3) You need to know what operating system is using in the current web hosting. Unix Operating System or Windows Operating System? Generally it can create the difference between active site and broken site. In case your website is currently on Windows web server and the site uses ASP scripting, then it's hard to create things work well on Unix web server, as ASP is a Windows web based programming language. So, you need to immediately check whether your web hosting plan is on Unix based or Windows based.

4) It is also considerable to check if your website currently uses FrontPage? Before changing to new web hosting company you should determine if the new web host supports FrontPage the site if you are currently using FrontPage? Before switching to a new host should check the new host supports FrontPage and the current version.

5) Another considerable issue to look is the amount of bandwidth provided by the new web hosting provider. Check whether a new web hosting plan offers the same amount of bandwidth offered by this web host provider. This should be reviewed in advance to avoid astonishing bills afterwards.

6) Make sure that if a new web host plans provide the same amount of email server accounts, mail forwards and auto responders that the current web host provides.

7) It is important to check if your website uses a shopping cart which the new web hosting plan provides? It's important to have appropriate to verify shopping cart replacement in case you wants to move the shopping cart to new web host. So you must determine that as well.

8) If you are using any script on your site, it is considerable to examine whether a new web hosting plan supports all of scripts. You should consider in advance if there is any requirement to create any modifications to scripts to achieve them working on the current web server.

9) Do not forget to configure the existing email accounts on new web server before transferring the domain name to a new web server.

10) In case user is only beginner and still do not know how to upload files, it is necessary to consult with the web hosting provider if he can do without no extra money. There are some web hosting companies that offer this facility for free but some do not offer this service due to liability issues.


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